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Young Men Church Headquarter Information:
Office of the Young Men General Presidency
50 E. North Temple Street, 20th Floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84150
Direct Number: (801) 240-2133
Toll Free (takes you to an operator): (800) 453-3860

Manual 1

Manual 2

Manual 3

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Click here for Youth Activity Ideas


Lifesaver Wrapper

Young Men - YM from -
(Black/White) or (Color)

For the Strength of Youth Jeopardy

A years worth of planning - organizing your activities for the year
Aaronic Priesthood Sacrament Assignment Form
Calling Request Tracking Sheet


LDS Aaronic Priesthood Lesson Helps

Sample Meeting Agenda

We, the Youth in Zion's Army, September 2001, New Era
Young Men of Zion


Here are several templates you can download and use to create a newsletter.

Serving in Young Men's

Good News Minute 
Pop Quiz - a fun way to ask your lesson questions 
Priest & Laurel Retreat
Sacrament Prayer Cards -
the Young Men can carry it in their wallets (for when they take the Sacrament to a shut in -- they have their cards with them.)  Adjust size for wallet and laminate.

Duty to God & BSA Posters from - Parents are anxious to help and encourage their boys but most don't fully understand the program
. Just click on the box that reads, "Duty to God & BSA".  Posters are around $2.50 each.



Quick Quotes

Deacon Check off List from
Duty to God Progress Charts
Priest Check off List from
Teacher Check off List from
Track Scout Rank Requirements from
Tracking Sheets for Bishops - Jeanne Kluse created this one of a kind tracking sheet.  They are helpful for bishops to keep track of each youths progress, staying on top of interviews, seminary, Duty to God and YW Recognition Awards.  The first document is for Young Men and the second document is for Young Women.
Young Men Tracker Forms - Print and glue inside a manila folder. Perfect for staying on top of interviews, tracking progress for Duty of God, and more!  

CHECK OUT THIS SITE!  It's called Posteriza - allows you to design your own big posters and signs from any digital photo with your home printer! Four steps: Type in text (up to 4 lines per poster), insert picture, choose border and choose poster size...and it's free. Just click on the link at the top that says, "download."


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February 15, 2007


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