Mid-Week Activities centered around...

Moroni's Promise - Activities that encourage youth to read the Book of Mormon and test Moroni's Promise in six months.

With our young women we bought enough small rugs for everyone. Then we bought a bunch of paint (different colors). We also brought some letter stencils. On the rug we all wrote Prayer on the rugs. We did this so that the girls would be able to remember to say their prayers morning and night.  (Idea by Meghan / ga04202008)

Book of Mormon Read-a-thon by Andrea Lewis

Book of Mormon Challenges by Hannah Hart

 Faith Factor: Personal Progress by Paige Moore

Prophet Party by Jeanni Gould - Idea for General Conference

Ice cream sculpting by Sam Cousins

Faith Factor by Jenny Anderson

Make scripture jars - Use a quart jar.  Have the girls cut up the following
scriptures and fold them up and put them in a jar.  You can decorate the jar if you want to.  The idea is to read a scripture in the morning before getting out of bed and one before getting into bed.

Faith games - Play these games 1) knot game, 2) falling back into people’s arms, 3) blind leading, etc.  Liken the games to faith.  You have to have faith to trust in one another, and especially the Lord to accomplish your task.  Talk and let the girls discuss how each game applies to faith.  End with a testimony meeting.

Memorized Hymns -  Get the young women together and make a game out of learning hymns.  Have memorization games and fun ways to learn the song so they will always remember the words to use them in a hard situation.

Family Home Evening Kit -  Could include a flannel board and stories from the Friend magazine.  Copy onto white cardstock or laminate.  

Book of Mormon Read-a-thon

  FHE Recipe Book -  Make a Family Home Evening treats recipe book.  Fill it with quick and easy treat recipes and have some samples of them made up for tasting.

  Scripture Charades - Cards are written up before the activity begins.  Each card has some type of scripture story or reference written on it.  There are two teams and the girls on the teams take turns acting out the stories for the other girls on their team.  Stories could be:  Ammon, the missionary; Noah and the Ark; Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; King Noah and Abinadi; Samuel the Lamanite, etc.

  Rope Course - The youth are all blindfolded and paired off.  They are taken by leaders out of the church and guided to the starting point of the course and given the end of a rope.  One partner holds to the rope with one hand and to his/her partner with the other hand.  The main rope leads around the church grounds and back to the entrance.  However, other ropes with dead ends are also attached to the main rope.  After all the youth make it back discuss the experience and its relationship to our life, faith and the iron rod. 

Getting to Know the Bishop -  The Sunday before the activity have a lesson on the Priesthood.  Ask the young women to write down any questions they would like to ask the Bishop.  On Mutual night they meet with the Bishop in his office, if possible, and their written questions are given to him to answer.

Get to Know the Bishopric -  Invite the Bishopric members (including the executive secretary) and their wives to an activity where the young women can ask questions, play games, etc. and serve them a treat.

Temple Marriage Night - Ask a panel of 7 couples, married for 2-40 years, to bring pictures of temples and wedding albums, tell how they met, and answer a list of questions prepared by the young women in advance and other questions from the young women.

Scripture Basketball

Book of Mormon Movie Making Activity

Spoon Party

Scripture Treasure Hunt

Missionary Moments - Watch the movie, "Called to Serve".  Have each girl write their testimony in the front cover of a Book of Mormon.  Challenge them to give them away or donate them to the local missionaries.

Faith Factor

Falling Asleep with the Scriptures - Pillowcases that you can make with a pocket for scriptures to remind you to read daily.

A test of faith

Get an inexpensive copy of the Book of Mormon, and give everyone ten or so pages to read. That way, together you can read the entire Book of Mormon in one night. Discuss what you read.

Conference Talk Bingo - (Credit Unknown) We used premade blank bingo cards that the girls filled in.  We asked them to fill each box in with a word that reminded them of faith. Then, two leaders read a conference talk on faith to the girls and they covered the words as they were read with Skittles.  With each bingo they got a candy bar, with each blackout a large Hershey bar.

Baptisms for the Dead - Make sure your girls understand and appreciate the experience of doing baptisms for the dead before they actually go to the temple.  It will be a lot more meaningful and memorable if the ordinance is appreciated.

Candle Dipping - When candle makers dip candles, the first dips are not very noticeable.  But each dip of the candle holds more wax and slowly a candle emerges and takes shape.  So it is with our faith.  It is strengthened by action.  Dip candles together. 

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January 13, 2007


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