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Here are some activity ideas based around Learning and Living
the Gospel.   Click here for a copy of the suggested activities listed in
the manual.   If you have others you would like to add e-mail me at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  - Don't forget to include pictures if you have some.

 A smooth activity - Teach the girls how to make smoothies and other healthy snacks. We had each girl bring her favorite after school snack along with the recipe to share with the other girls. (Idea by Angela)

 ABC Scavenger Hunt

Activity Day Ideas by Dana

 Activity Day Paper Girl Exchange - If you know the story of Flat Stanley you will get this idea. I got this idea from when we sent "Sons of Mosiah" to our Missionaries out in the Field as a Primary Activity. Get a paper doll cut out and have the girls dress and decorate it to represent your State or Town, give her a name and then find another State to send the Paper Girl to. Then that group of girls will do the same thing. The 2 groups of girls can keep the Paper Girl for as long as the 2 groups decide. Take pictures with the Doll, bring her to your activities, around your city, write a journal, use it as a cultural experience for the other girls to learn about a different State other then where they live. You could even do a video. I am working on exchanging with Alaska and the ward where I just moved from. I will be fun and the girls get excited about holding the doll up to take picture and include it in everything that you do for a couple of months. Then send everything back. (by Stephani Green / ga11132006)

 Armor of God - One night we talked about the Armor of God and instead of just talking about what the armor of god means, we made our own armor of God. (out of tinfoil)   We choose one of the leaders to be our Knight and then one by one described each piece of armor.  After we did this we broke into small groups.  Each group was given an article of armor to make and put on our knight.  We split for 10 minutes or so and everyone made their pieces and attached them to our leader.  Then we called on each group to come up and describe their item and how it can protect us physically and spiritually.  The kids had great answers that I would have never come up with.  They each learned a lot that way. Then afterwards we took pictures (which are pretty funny) and I passed out bookmarks with a picture of a knight with a description of each piece of armor so they could always remember them.  That was one activity our girls still talk about! (Idea by Janelle Heath / ga04262007)

 Article of Faith Magnets - Purchase rolls of magnetic strips.  Have the girls make their own Article of Faith Magnets.  Each word goes on its own magnet.  Have them bring a large baby food jar to decorate as storage for the magnets. 

 Be a standard bearer by Ivy Bonhorst

Being a book worm is totally sweet! by Heidi Macfarlane

 Being well groomed by Deborah Talbot

 Belief Boxes - Belief Boxes were originally introduced at a workshop at a Young Women Open House in Salt Lake City.  This idea is used for Young Women in Excellence, but could easily be adapted and simplified for an activity.

 BINGO Sign Game by Kristi Malcolm - This activity goes along with the 12th Article of Faith.

 Book Club by Tina

 Book of Mormon Pictionary

 Building your fortress by Heather Ingalls

 Caring About Each Other - Activity idea on Unity.  Originally, this activity idea was created for Young Women's but could easily be adapted if your girls could benefit from an activity on unity.

 Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

 Choose to 'eat' the right

 Click here for the suggested activities from the girls Faith in God manual.

 Cookie Exchange by Kristi Malcolm

 Don't take the hook by Teresa Andersen

 Dresser Drawer Derby - Teach the girls how to fold their clothes and organize their drawers. At the end I want to have some sort of relay game like at one end of the room there will be a pile of clothes and the girls will have to fold them, put them in a basket, then run to the other side and put them into drawers.  To end it you could have them modge podge a picture on a bar of soap to make their drawers smell nice or a potpourri sachet. 

 Each one of us is unique

Family Home Evening Lesson in a Jar

 Family History Tree and Activity by Jennifer Davis

 Family Proclamation Activity

 Favorite stories - Have each girl choose their favorite scripture story to share with the group.  They can retell the story in their own words, use flannel board stories, props, pictures, etc. What ever they need to tell why they like that story.

 Finances - For one of our activity day we talked about budgeting money. I printed out a fake check for them and we learned how to write a check for a receipt I had from the grocery store. which most of them had no idea how. Then we discussed paying tithing first and then how much just food and a few other bills cost. Then we played the game "Payday" this was a great eye opener for them and how many bills they accumulated in just one month and how little their payday was when unexpected bills showed up. This is a great game I have seen it in Wal-mart or just about anywhere. This was a great budgeting money activity.  (Idea shared by Ann / ga06122008)

 Fingerprint Paintings

 Fire Escape Plans - Have each girl draw a basic floor plan for their home.  Everyone should label the exit/entrances, designate a meeting location and post it in their home for all to see.  Remind the girls that escape plans need to be practiced to serve as a reminder.  Review fire safety. (Some fun links: fire truck snack, home fire escape plan, making your great escape fun!)

 First Aid Activities

 Flannel Board Kits - Have each girl bring any size picture frame from home (ask them to remove the glass before coming).  Have them wrap flannel material around a piece of cardboard that will fit into the frame.  Push it into the frame and secure in the back however you need to.  Purchase pellum from Walmart or a fabric store.  Click here for some flannel board stories.  Have them color and cut out the pictures and put a piece of pellum on the back of each picture. 

 Flour Tag

 Friend Bowl - A lot of wards have "New Era Bowls".  This stems from the same idea.  Have the girls read the current Friend Magazine cover to cover.  Select questions to ask the girls, set out some munchies and have fun. 

 Friendship Activity by the West Bountiful 4th Ward

 Friendship Night

 General Conference Bowl - A football General Conference Bowl where the girls will test their knowledge from certain general conference talks they will be ask to read and study before hand.  Teams will battle for the touchdown points. "Super Bowl" snack food will be enjoyed too! (Idea by Shana Windham) ALSO: A fun idea that would go well with this activity is to give the girls a blank bingo card and have them write words in they feel would go along with the topic of the talk.  Any time they hear that word read they get to cover up that square. 

 Get a clue - This activity was originally done with YW/YM, but it could easily be adapted.

 Giant Snakes and Ladders

 Goal Setting - You could use this object lesson along with this activity.

 Gospel ABC Cards - Have your girls cut these out and assemble them to keep in their scripture cases.  You could even have them look up a scripture in the Topical Guide / Bible Dictionary to go along with each card and write it on the back.  You could also turn this into a service project and make them for all the mothers with young children in your ward for their children to use during sacrament meeting.

 Gospel Role Play - I divided the girls into pairs then gave them each 1-2 My Gospel Standards and had the girls role play a situation showing how they can live that standard. This was a wonderful activity and we had a discussion afterwards about being an example to others. (Idea by Angela)

 Gospel Standards Activities

 Gospel Standards I Spy Bag by Vicki Hall

 Have you ever had a Wilbur day? 

 I am a child of God (tile) by Colette Bomsta

 I asked the girls ahead of time for their favorite scripture and I typed them out for them.  We took a unfinished plaque.  On one side of the plaque was a pass along card of Jesus Christ, on the other side was their favorite scripture.  We modge podged on the two pieces to the plaque and put a piece on the back so they could hang them in their always remember Heavenly Father and their favorite scripture.  The girls loved it.  (Idea by Christine Hofmann / ga07142010)

 I spy gospel standards jar by Sheri

 Individual Worth Cake Activity - Assign each girl to bring a different ingredient. At the activity discuss how each person is important and when they aren't there they are missed.  Put the ingredients together. Prior to the activity the leader made a cake so the girls could see how it really would of turned out if all were present.

 Johnny Lingo Activity

 Joseph Smith Family Evening by Kami Stewart

 Journaling - Have the girls make Denim Diaries

 Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

 Laundry 101 by Rhonda Pace

 Laundry 101 Worksheet by Sara Hunsaker

 Lessons learned from President Hinckley by Alicia Riley

 Library Scavenger Hunt

 Living the Law of Consecration

 Make a Scripture Cookies or cake - You could also have each of the girls mark their favorite passages.  Teach them HOW to mark their scriptures.

 Meal Planning and Budgeting

 Mini-Science Fair - We are going to have a mini science fair with the girls. I checked out some science experiment books from the library and I am going to give each girl one. She will try it at home first and then do it for us during the next Activity Days.  I found a great book called 6 minute Science Experiments...I am going to copy the experiments and hand them out to the girls. (April Mitchell)

 Missionary Tag

 Modesty Activities

My Happily Ever After Activity by Shyrlene Baum

 My Own Plates - Simply tape a piece of heavy aluminum foil over a square piece of cardboard and have the girls write their testimony on it lightly (you don't want it to tear the foil) with a toothpick.  Whala!  They have just made their own set of scripture.

 Movie Night by Lorraine - Fun Idea

 Numbered Chairs by Kristen Mayle - a great activity idea to review General Conference 

 One of a kind by Trisha Rogers

 Once I had several muslin rag dolls made and gave each girl a doll to dress (or paint on clothing) in clothing that one of their ancestors might have worn, then they also brought a story about that ancestor and a food dish that that ancestor might have eaten. It was a really fun activity and the girls really learned a lot and this started a love of family history within our group. (Idea shared by Cindi Klumm / ga04202007)

 Organization - Make ribbon bulletin boards and talk about organization. Have the girls cover the bulletin board with fabric to match their rooms.  Talk about the importance of having a clean room so the Spirit can preside there.  Have them post the scripture on their bulletin board, D & C 109:8. (There are several different ways to make the bulletin boards.  Check out some of these websites: One, Two, Three)

 Paper Plate Oil Lamp and Lesson by Kami Flexhaug 

 Pedicures for Pedigree - One night we had a lesson on family history and how to fill out the forms.  I gave the girls each their own form and told them to ask their families for help. They were supposed to bring them filled out to the next activity and they would each get a pedicure. I got a few aluminum pans and we set up a row of chairs outside on the sidewalk. The girls soaked their feet and then us leaders toweled them off, lotioned their feet and painted their toenails.  They had a lot of fun with that! (Idea by Heather)

 Pedigree Charts - I had each girl come with a pedigree chart and family group record filled out. They each came with a family story that showed faith, courage, kindness, share. After each girl shared the story about her family, I showed the video clip "The Lord's House" and we talked about the blessings that the temple brings. (Idea by Kim Judd)

 Pictures to Music - Select six different types of music. Have the girls paint what each type of music makes them feel, taking into account speed and color.


 Plan of Salvation Cookies by Wendy Keeler
 Plan of Salvation Croquet by Becky Dastrup

 Planting daffodils and crocus bulbs at the church.  Preparedness was what we were teaching, that you don't see the rewards right away.  (Idea by Dianne)

 Pudding Pictionary - This is played just like pictionary, just use pudding instead of pen and paper. 

 Putting the pieces together by Deb Yarbrough - Family History Activity 

 Scripture Heroes Night

 Scripture Jars - Use one quart jar per girl.  Have the girls cut up the following scriptures and fold them and put them in the jar.  You can decorate the jar if you want to.  The idea is to read a scripture in the morning before getting out of bed and one before getting into bed.

 Scripture Marking - Teach them about the scriptures. Help them learn the books of scriptures, the different sections, how to use the topical guide, how to look up footnotes, etc. Tell them it's okay to mark their scriptures (if they have their own copy) and why people do that.  You could then have a scripture chase.

 Seek and Ye Shall Find Bottles

 Service Passports and Fun by Jennifer Peel

 Shoebox Rooms by Tina

 Spoon Party

 Taking a stand - Discuss with the girls the importance of taking a stand. Together, write letters to the Governor or any other elected official. Include in the letter something that is of concern to you as a citizen. Ask what you can do to help solve the problem and request a response back.

 Teddy Bear Tea Party - Have the girls each bring their favorite teddy bear.  Have small finger foods like finger sandwiches (cucumber, tomato, and ribbon sandwiches) and cookies. Make sure there were limited amounts of some things, and more of others. Discuss not taking lots, and returning for 2nds, only after everyone has had an opportunity to try some, if they want. There should be lots of opportunities to discuss manners. Have them introduce their teddy bears.

 Time Capsules by Wendy Beus

 Tithing banks - Purchase white ceramic piggy banks from the dollar store.  Using extra craft items and ribbons, have the girls decorate their pig and write their names on them. Review the principle of tithing and bear testimony of its importance.  You could even make paper Mache piggy banks using a balloon.

 Virtue Adventure by Cherise Williams  

 Visit a country - The Friend/New Era has articles all the time about youth in other countries.   Go to and click on Gospel Library, then click on HTML (text).  Then in the quick search bar, type in a country and choose to search through the Friend or New Era...and click Search.  I typed up "Netherlands" and got articles and recipes and more.   Print off some articles to give to your girls a week prior.  Have them come back and tell about their article.  Make traditional foods from that country, learn one of their dances, etc.

 Visit the Temple Grounds

 Word of Wisdom Activity Ideas

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