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   If you have ideas on how to teach any song listed below or ones in the hymn book or Friend, e-mail me.

Had I Been A Child, pg. 80
Happy, Happy Birthday, pg. 284a
Happy Song, pg. 264
Have a Very Happy Birthday! pg. 284b
Have a Very Merry Christmas! pg. 51
He Died That We Might Live Again, pg. 65
He is Risen, pg. 199
He Sent His Son, pg. 34
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, pg. 275a
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise (Round), pg. 280
Heavenly Father, Now I Pray, pg. 19
Heavenly Father, While I Pray pg. 23b
Hello Friends! pg. 254a
Hello Song, pg. 260
Help Me, Dear Father  pg. 99
Help Us, O God, to Understand, pg. 73b
Here comes the oxcart, oh how slow, pg. 219
Here We Are Together, pg. 261
Heroes of the Scriptures, June 1998 Friend
Hinges, pg. 277
Holding Hands Around the World
Home, pg. 192
Home Can Be A Heaven on Earth, Hymn Book pg. 298
Hosanna, pg. 66
How Dear to God Are Little Children, pg. 180
How Firm A Foundation, pg. 85 (Hymn Book)
How Will They Know? pg. 182
Hum your Favorite Hymn, pg. 152

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