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   If you have ideas on how to teach any song listed below or ones in the hymn book or Friend, e-mail me.


Latter-Day Prophets, pg. 134
Let us gather in a circle, pg. 189
Life is O'er Flowing with Beautiful Things, from the July 2009 Friend Magazine
Lift up your voice and sing, pg. 252 
Like sunshine in the morning that wakens from my night, pg. 203
Listen, Listen (Round), pg. 107
Little Jesus, pg. 39
Little Lambs So White and Fair, pg. 58a
Little Pioneer Children (Round), pg. 216
Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep, pg. 243
Lord, I Would Follow Thee (Hymns, no. 220)
Love at Home (Hymns, no. 294)
Love is spoken here
Love One Another (As I have loved you)

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