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Julie writes, "I wanted to share our Compassionate Service binder with you. There have been times when we needed to get a meal in fast or have had people say they really don't need help but after the meals or service was given they said how much they appreciated us not taking no for an answer.

It starts with everyone filling out the questionnaire.  (I handed them out then waited in the back of the room so I was sure to get them back.) 

We then put them in a binder and gave it to our Compassionate Service person.  Now we know vital information that makes planning easier.  We also write down who is bringing what for the week so we don't take in tuna casseroles every day."

Comments (12)
  • Rebecca Menzie

    What a great, organized system for compassionate service. I just printed this out for our RS. Thanks!

  • Linda

    how did you print out the compassionate binder.

  • Anonymous

    I love this Compassionate Service binder cover so much I printed it out when I was first called as Leader. Now I have everything organized. And the planning questionnaire will be sorted very soon. Thank you ever so much. :-)

  • Jan

    This is a beutiful graphic (the cover).

    Is there any way for someone to post it in MS Word format for those of us who do not have Publisher?


  • Debra Rogers

    Need the binder for word or pdf. Don't have publisher. Thanks, this looks great!!!

  • Shamanda

    This is perfect, thank you for sharing! Also, I think it's funny that it censors the word "compassionate"! Lol. This website is fantastic, thank you!!

  • Debbie Yarmo

    Would you please make it so the binder can be opened in pdf form? Thankyou so much.

  • Pat Sagers  - How to make corrections?

    What a great idea! Is there some way that we can make corrections before printing the pages. I just logged on and started looking at your wonderful material today. However, I noticed an error on the cover page - shouldn't it say: "...let those who can see guide the blind..." You have typed Build instead of Blind. Thanks for help and ideas! Pat S.

  • Jaimelinnea

    I would love to see this but I don't have Publisher!

  • Linda Stevenson  - M

    I can't seem to open the Compassionate Binder. Can you help me?

  • D. Spencer  - compassionate service binder

    Is there any way to correct the word build to blind?

  • Kristina  - Using modern technologqy to facilitate Compassiona

    Has anyone had experience in their wards using Facebook or texting on a "mass level" to let others know of compassionate service needs? I'd like to hear how that is being done so i can implement it in my calling. I sometimes am on the phone for over an hour trying to line up meals. I was thinking that there's got to be a way to send an email or something saying "Compassionate Service Need: please call me directly if you are available to take a meal in this Wed." I wouldn't give any personal details until they call. Just wondering if anyone has been doing this already.

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