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QUESTION - What are your plans/ideas for the Relief Society Birthday?  To answer this week's question, leave a comment using the form below.  THANKS!

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  • Anonymous

    We are using an idea I found on sugardoodle. A Very Merry Relief Society Birthday. I will give a talk about "Finding the Wonder in our Lands", the 1st counselor about the Relief Society Declaration and the President will do a brief history of RS that we will use for a game during dinner. We will play pass the bunny and when the Alice and Wonderland music stops, whoever the bunny is with is asked a RS History question. If they give the correct answer they will get a "preparedness prize", something they can add to their year supply. We will also play a white elephant gift exchange per each table of a wrapped gift they brought from home or can get at the dollar tree. We are still working on the menu for dinner but thought it would be fun to have food that is blue and gold (yellow) to go with the Relief Society colors. I am dressing my kids and husband up as the characters from Alice and they will serve the food and sing. A merry Relief Society Birthday to you to you...

  • Anonymous

    Well, we are planning it around keys, locks, and doors. How new doors have been opened through the years for Relief Society. I'm also looking at pictures of each Relief Society President this organization has had and how they influenced and helped. Anybody have more suggestions for me with this theme?

  • Anonymous

    We are doing our with our daughters and the theme is "Flash to the Past". We are to dress like we did in High School. I am from the class of '83 so I am looking for the Big Ruffles and the Hair Ribbons that were bigger then our heads. got to figure out how to dress like Madonna but modestly! LOL :lol:

  • Anonymous

    last year we did ours in the relief society room since our ward is small to make it an intimate event. we served a soup & salad supper. the tables had disposable dark blue tablecloths & daffodills were in bloom from my yard so i made flower centerpieces with party ribbon accents in dollar store pots for centerpieces...around each pot was confetti in yellow/light blue/white that was done with scrap paper & a hole punch. we then added helium balloons. the program consisted of sisters of different ages telling of how RS has impacted their lives. we watched a short video on RS service. then the sisters filled out questionaires for what activities they wanted to do thru the coming year. we served birthday cake from costco. then the centerpieces were given away to sisters in attendance. this can be done by drawing or given to those who were in the program. everyone received a RS bookmark as a gift.

  • Anonymous

    Several years ago, our ward assigned 12 sisters to decorate 12 round tables with the theme of the 12 months of the year. (For example, the "October" table was decorated in a Halloween theme.) The sister in charge of the table also made a cake that matched the theme. This was the dessert for your table. The sisters in charge also chose the dishes, silverware, tablecloth and napkins for their table. Some tables used their China dishes, and others used fancy paper plates. No one seemed to mind that the tables were totally different because we all had the same dinner. I remember walking around before it started and having a hard time deciding where to sit. (Some sisters chose to sit at their "birthday month" table, but since tables weren't assigned, you were allowed to sit anywhere.) We were just trying to have a birthday party theme. It was a great night!

  • Anonymous

    In Canala tree branch we are haveing a sping freesale where anyone can take what they want before the party. Then we will be having Mexician luncheon and a little histroy on RS.Still working on it a bit .

  • Anonymous

    This year we have deciced on "It's a Small World" as the theme for our Birthday Party. We have asked women from our ward that were raised in different countires or that served missions in that countiy to do a display and food from that county. We also will have each table decorated in an even differnet set of counties. The invites are passports and our advertisement has been with antique suitcases and pretty dolls from counties all over the world. We are not planning a program but some additional ideas for games would be a big help. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    I loverr your theme, I am going to use it ofr our VT conference. I'll bet you can get more info by looking in sugardoodle/and or the ideadoor for more ideas on doors,keys and or locks in the search engine.

  • Anonymous

    ask the women who are decorating the tables also to come up with a game from that country. I am from Holland and I could give some.

  • Anonymous

    We are doing a remember when. We are looking at all and any women in our ward that have ever been a rs president. We are secretly interviewing them and basing our theme around them and all that they have contributed. We will decorate a table for each of them after the things that represent who they are and what they love.

  • Anonymous

    We are having our Relief Society Stake Conference and I want to know if you have any ideas about invitacions,posters, decorations etc,etc or any suggestions that will help me to star planning this activity. Thanks so much.

  • Anonymous

    This year we are doing a "charity never faileth" theme. We are cooking in the kitchen (teaching some of the younger sisters that need the skills)and then freezing the meals so that they can be passed to the compassionate service leader so that she can use them when a need arises. Also making school/hygiene kits from the church website. Their will of course be some food/cake involved!

  • Anonymous

    We are having a Fiesta this year,
    our ward is combined with the Spanish Branch and we wanted to make the women feel welcome. One of the sisters is doing a Tamale demonstration and we are having a Taco Bar for dinner, we are decorating with succulents and fiesta confetti on the tables and will be giving the plants away to the first women that arrive as an on time drawing. :roll:

  • Anonymous

    Help! I just got put in as the Relief Society Homemaking Leader. No one even know what I am really called. I need to put on the RS Birthday Celebration and I have no buget to use. I thought I would have a pot luck and cake. What else can I do?

  • luz waller

    Last year for the R S Birthday party we did Chicken salad wrap and cut into pinwheels, also did egg salad and cut into pinwheels, cake and punch, it was a hit and they are still talking about it. May be doing it again this year. Though I am thinking more along the lines of maybe doing a Hawaiian theme, Bring Hawaii to us , We had a Hawaii party at a Sisters house one year and it was a lot of fun. Seriously thinking about it. Have to check with my R S President and 2nd councelor. sounds like fun. We need to unstress a bit. lol.

  • Anonymous

    #14 you should at least do some type of theme to your potluck. Old fashion, international, heathy eatng, etc.. and then build from there. I would also suggest that you do Brownie Tortes or somthing else for dessert. They are really easy and would require the same ingredients as cakes. Email me if you want to know how to make them. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

    The sister, #8, that suggested the games, I love it. I would also love any international game ideas. Thanks

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    We are doing a theme of "Sisters of Light" from Jenny Phillips' CD. We are reading some of the 3 of the paragraphs, have a musical number of one of the songs. Then we are taking pictures of the sisters in our ward throughout the week and doing their callings on Sunday to put to the last song, "Sisters Rejoice". We are serving, soups, salad and breadsticks with a couple of different types of cakes.

  • Anonymous

    We really wanted to make our RS Birthday party FUN this year. We'll have a spiritually uplifting message highlighting what we have to celebrate--166 years of charity, teaching, bearing testimony, VTing, sisterhood, womanhood, motherhood, etc.... Plus, we'll highlight the great year we've had in RS with lots of learning and service.
    Each table will have cupcakes on a cake stand with fun things underneath like chocolates, crystals, confetti, etc.
    We're going to have a table of creative gift ideas, many simple non-food ideas. Sisters will bring a wrapped gift ($5 max) for a Yankee Swap.
    For a service project we are collecting birthday celebration supplies for a local women's shelter--cake mixes, frosting, sprinkles, cake tins, etc. We'll donate the banner from our party for them to use as well.
    We're serving dinner---A knock-off Olive Garden Zuppa Tuscana soup & a chowder + green salad and rolls.

  • Anonymous

    We are doing "My Favorite Things." Everyone is asked to bring one favorite thing from the past year or so to share with the ladies at her table. Some ideas could include a favorite book, new website, new product, new idea or thought that has helped you in some area of your can be anything at all. We will have displays, dinner and a few presentations, including How to make a cookie bouquet (a favorite gift to give), Favorite accessories presentation, Favorite decorating project, Favorite product (flip video camera), Favorite song (performed), Favorite recipes (gathered during last year and presented to all on a CD), and a testimony of RS. Ward High Priests are serving and cleaning up.

  • Anonymous

    PS to the comment I just sent on "My Favorite Things." Everyone is bringing their favorite dessert.

  • Susan Lemmon

    We were going to do a service auction but the YW/YM have decided to do one a week before ours on the ward level. Any other ideas for a service activity that can bring the women in our ward closer?

  • Christine Lockhart

    We are having a short talk on the history of the Relief Society. We are then going to share the history of the Relief Society and ward in our area from the time it began. We have invited many former Bishops and Relief Society presidents to come be a part of the evening. We will also have a powerpoint presentation showing old buildings used as meeting houses etc. We will also have a display table of things RS sisters have made over the years including resin grapes! Should be a fun celebration.

  • MaryRuth

    we're doing a big Luau.... dinner (Hawaiian Haystacks because its cheapish!)... we have a sister in our ward from Hawaii and I thought about having her do the hula and having people from the audience joining her... or maybe having her teach it? Not sure? Any suggestions?

    We're also going to do a Hula Hoop contest.... and I'm looking for another activity.

    We'll end the evening with a song and a small talk (10 min) from our new Bishop on the role of women/sisterhood, etc.

    Would love to hear if you guys have any suggestions!

  • michelle d Lopez

    This is the night before ours. I am on the food committee. We are going to do a chicken, spinach green salad, with a crescent. Dessert is make your own sundaes. we are spotlighting 3 of the ladies in our ward who do a lot for us.

  • elaine

    We are doing a good old fashion birthday party. Complete with Hot dogs and cake. I live in a very small branch of the church and so we are having it as a Branch activity and there will be a short message from our RS president about why we are having a party.

    I'm hoping it goes over well as it is the first RS activity I have planned on my own.

  • Angela

    Just wanted to let you know what we did. We combined our RS Birthday party with our Visiting Teaching Conference.

    We started out with a game, get to know you. everyone sat across from someone and we gave them a question and 1 min and then switched, diff person/diff question. See how fun it is to get to know others...VT is the same way. Then we had dinner, then the Celestial VT skit, Cake (I made a cake with a living room sceen) 2 sisters at the couch and one at a chair, a coffee table with a miniature Ensign on the table. after that we had our 2nd counselor in the Bishopric talk about RS and the establishment and the Purpose of RS including the VT and how important it is and why it was started. It turned out really well...Our decorations for the tables were gift bags and balloons and dinner was Hawaiian Haystacks

  • Betty

    Where can I find the History of the Organization of the Relief Society, besides the scriptures?

  • Wendy Taigen

    Hey gals... we decided to have our RS Birthday party to honor the women that have been in the longest. 9 ladies over the age of 70 will share with us their favorite memory of RS. We hope to instill into the younger women that we hope they will continue to make RS a prioity and grow their testimony so they too will still be involved when they are older. We are inviting the Laurels from YW to join us. We will be having Hawaiian Haystacks and of course birthday cake. Hoping to have a couple of the ladies in our ward that make cakes do them for our honorary guest speakers and sheet cake for the rest of us. We will have flowers to give our speaders as well. We will call this "Legacy of Sisterhood". If anyone has any good poster ideas..please let me know:)

  • Guest
    Well, we are planning it around keys, locks, and doors. How new doors have been opened through the years for Relief Society. I'm also looking at pictures of each Relief Society President this organization has had and how they influenced and helped. Anybody have more suggestions for me with this theme?

    My ward had a relief society conference with the theme of doors a couple years ago. They secretly photographed about 25 front doors of different homes in our ward and then made a game to see who would recognize the most. They used this as an opening game as people arrived. It was really fun.

  • alana bryce

    I love all of your suggestions.
    We did the birthday tables and decorated for that month (like Halloween for Oct.) It was really fun because friends couldn't set by each other and you visited with new friends. We then honored about 5 past RS Pres. For the sis. that wanted to know about the history of RS there is a wonderful little booklet called "Where It All Began" that is in Desert Book.
    How do you make a Cookie bouquet?

  • Vernett Jones

    A sister in our ward served a mission to tohe Jerusalem Center and has volunteered to give a program fon the Holy land for our March Birthday party. We have food recipes. Any ideas for invitations or table decorations?

  • laurakats

    We did a big service event one year and collected ideas for a Women's Safe House in the area and made kits. We then focused on the importance of our divine nature as women and even had a member of the Safe House come and talk about their program. It was a great experience and very moving.

  • Colleen Sauber  - RS Birthday ideas

    We are going to have a open house to the public spotlighting the Relief Society along with a linger longer right after Church on a Sunday in March. We are having article about the Relief Society printed up for the newspaper.

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