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Ilene writes, "To review what was said in General Conference, we're going to play "Don't Eat the Prophet" using pictures of the current 1st presidency and 12 apostles.  I may have them say "Follow the Prophet" instead of "Don't Eat the Prophet." Also, instead of singing the same song over and over, I chose a song to go with what each apostle/prophet said in conference, so after the child finds the prophet we chose, I'll read the quote from that leader, and then we'll sing the song that goes with it when the next person takes a turn eating the candy or cereal. I'll probably just put a few of the pictures up at a time with a cheerio on the table under it.

If our primary room were larger, I would maybe do the swivel chair to make a human pointer and have their legs point to the picture instead of playing "Don't Eat the Prophet." Then you could just read the quote and sing the song. It could be a good singing time or sharing time.

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