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To make the Noah’s Ark out of paper plates:

1)    Draw a rainbow with clouds and a dove on the top half of the front of a paper plate.

2)    Draw rain with lightning on the bottom half of the front of a paper plate (make sure you turn the plate before doing so).

3)    Color or paint the front of a paper plate brown and then cut it in half (slightly off center).

4)    Attach the larger half of the brown plate to the paper plate on which you drew the pictures with a metal brad.

5)    Paste the smaller half of the brown paper plate on top of the larger one, leaving the top edge open so it forms a pocket.

6)    Fill the “ark” with animal pictures.  (I used animals from a set of Noah’s Ark Flashcards.)

7)    Use your creation to tell the story of Noah’s Ark.

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