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"When you save a girl, you save generations. ~President Gordon B. Hinckley
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 Young Women Church Headquarter Information:
Office of the Young Women General Presidency
 76 North Main Street
 Salt Lake City, UT 84150-6030
 Direct Number: (801) 240-2141
 Toll Free (takes you to an operator): (800) 453-3860
 e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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2008 - 2012 MUTUAL THEMES:

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alt Click here to see 2013 Theme Ideas


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alt Activity Planning - Instead of the usual planning meetings, I decided to write out lots of different activity ideas such as; hiking, volley ball, ironing service project, recipe book making and so on.  I grouped them all into categories, for example; homemaking, sports, spiritual and educational etc, I put all of the groups of ideas into individual balloons and blew them up.  I separated the girls into two groups, so I had prepared two sets of balloons.  I then pinned them to a dart board one at a time and had the 2 teams take turn in throwing a dart at them until it popped.  In their groups they then decided which activities they would like to do, ones they didn't mind and ones they wouldn't want to do.  This was a great activity and kept them entertained.  To finish the planning session I kept them in their groups and gave them party whistles to blow when they had an answer, I then said a word, for example; 'sausages' and the groups had to come up with the best activity involving 'sausages' or something they related to the word 'sausages', one group came up with a BBQ on the beach and the other came up with food hygiene and learning to cook meat.  It was a great way to get the girls thinking and we came up with lots of new ideas that they hadn't done before. (Idea shared by Hannah Hart / ga11082007)
alt Activity Reminder Calls - Our Beehive leader has done something that I thought was really neat.  The have a phone tree set up. The Beehive President calls her two counselors and secretary.  Each one of them has a couple of young women to call. The last young woman on the tree list calls the leader to let her know they have been called. If the leader doesn't hear from the last young woman at the end of the list she knows the ball has been dropped somewhere. (Idea by Jennifer Erickson / ga12052006)
alt Click here for Activity Ideas
alt Fireside Ideas
alt I am the young women secretary in our ward.  In order to help prepare the young women for their meetings, activities and upcoming events; I started emailing our girls weekly. Since I started doing this, our girls come more prepared to activities and meetings and attendance count has gone up on a regular basis.  (Idea by Renee M. Martin / ga09262007)
alt Unity Activity Ideas
alt Year-at-a-glance YW Activity Calendar by Michonne Terry
alt Yearly Planning Session by Trish Haley - good idea any time of year...doesn't have to be January.
alt Young Women Retreat - Fishers of Men (Credit Unknown - transferred from lds-yw files)


alt Activity Plan
alt Parental Permission and Medical Release
alt Performance Contract
alt Talent and Interest Survey


 The Principle of Presidency - Mar 2001 Ensign-  A good article to review with your presidency to create unity and harmony


 Attendance Rolls (editable for any organization) by Melanie Day


Beehive Bash
 Beehive Conference 2010

alt In addition to the things mentioned in the handbook, we have our YW go and "buzz" the new young woman out of Primary.  Typically we do this the Sunday prior to her 12th birthday, when she would be joining us in YW.  It is simple and doesn't take much time at all.   The last 5 minutes of class, all the current YW go into the Primary room making little "buzzing" sounds (Buzz for Beehives.), surround the new young woman and take her away.  Then we bring her into the YW room, sing Happy birthday to her, give her the YW birthday gift, and talk with her for a few minutes, welcoming her.  The incoming girls really look forward to it! (Anonymous, Shared on LDS YW Yahoo Group)


 Beehive/Miamaid/Laurel Binder Cover Sheets by Kelley Kirkland

alt Class Binder Covers by Kassie Moen
alt Flower Binder Covers by Angela Nelson - This could work for YW Presidency as well as class presidencies
alt Polka Dot Binder Covers by Robin Lyman
alt Value Binder Cover Insert by Angela Nelson

alt Young Women Theme Binder Cover by Melanie Day
alt Young Women Theme by Joy Kuoha
alt Young Women Binder Cover by Lisa Clayson
alt Young Women Binder Covers by Shailynn Greenhalgh
alt Young Women Resource Binder Cover by Cher Castle - Binder for the YW to keep all their handouts
alt YW Spanish Binder Covers by Mariajosé Martinez Cortés


alt Some Birthday Ideas
alt Young Women Birthday Organizer by Jill Galyan 


alt The life of a Mormon teen


alt Click here for bulletin board ideas


alt January YW Calendar Template by Cecilia Powers
alt Printable Calendars

alt Lifesaver Wrapper
alt Stand ye in holy places
alt Standing as a witness of God (blue)
alt Standing as a witness of God 1 (pink)
alt Young Women Values


alt Click here for ideas on how to deal with cell phones


alt Flowerpots with different colored flowers (representing the different value colors)
alt Glass Block Centerpieces by Ginger Shumway
alt Value Centerpieces  


alt Click here for Christmas Gift Ideas for your Young Women

CHURCH ISSUED LETTERS: (Click here to see other letters related to Young Women)

 "Helping Young Women with the Transition into Womanhood; Monthly Joint Opening Exercises of Young Women and Relief Society." - This letter was sent to priesthood leaders for discussion with Young Women and Relief Society leaders in ward council meetings. The second page lists seven suggestions to help leaders as they develop plans to help young women with the transition into womanhood, including monthly combined opening exercises. 

alt Not wearing all white outside of the temple
alt Revised Young Women Theme (December 2008)
alt "Safety Guidelines for Activities" - Also here.. parents/leaders are asked not to take their younger children on Church sponsered Youth activities.
alt "Safety Guidelines for Handcart Trek Youth Activities," dated December 17, 2007
alt "Transportation Safety in Youth Activities," Scroll down to "travel" 


alt Click here for Class Presidency Helps


alt Value Flowers from Emma's Place


alt Magnetic Conducting Boards by Nicole Funderburk 
alt March YW Conducting Sheet by Billie Jean Pew
alt YW Conducting Sheet & Mutual Opening Exercises by Whit Larson
alt YW Opening Exercise and Presidency Template by Stephanie Jimenez 
alt YW Opening Exercise Form by Jennifer Annes
alt YW Opening Exercises Worksheet by Lizz White 


alt Personalized Value Letter
alt Washer Necklaces by Melinda Beachell

alt Scrappy YW Notepad Stand by Colette Bomsta
alt Young Women Journal with Tabs by Charlene Harreveld

alt LDS Music Charts - "What type of songs should be played at a stake dance?"
 Youth Dance Ideas


alt Click here to see helps with those with disabilities


alt Order Young Women Materials Online (English)

alt Order Young Women Materials Online (French)
alt Order Young Women Materials Online (Spanish)


alt Quick and Easy Dessert Ideas for any YW event
alt Value Themed Desserts



alt Our Scoop - For Mothers Day, we sold chocolate covered strawberries and caramel chocolate dipped pretzels. They were such a big hit! We are already getting asked if we are going to do it again. We are planning on doing it every year. We earned about $700. We made and delivered them the Saturday before. We got together in the ward kitchen and made them and cranked them out by noon. The girls loved it. I made them all wear gloves so we could keep everything sanitary. No finger linkn' :)


alt Mad Libs
alt Scriptionary Game

alt Tower of Flour Game by Jill Garrison


alt Biography and picture of Elaine S. Dalton, General Young Women President
alt Biography and picture of Mary N. Cook, 1st Counselor on General Young Women Board
alt Biography and picture of Ann M. Dibb, 2nd Counselor on General Young Women Board


alt General Conference ideas specific to Young Women


alt All About You by Joy Kuoha


alt Candy Gram Bye!
alt For the past few years, we have given our graduating Laurels a journal. Before she gets it, I have had all of the other Young Women and leaders write a note to the girl on the first few pages of her journal. Hopefully she will continue to keep the journal, and have these notes of good luck and love from her Young Women peers to keep forever!  (Idea by M. Thompson / ga09192008)
alt One Heart, Once Voice by Lisa Nokes
alt Recipe Tins by Heather Dreier


alt Click here for Girl's Camp Ideas


alt Make Something of Yourself

alt President Benson quote (5x7) by Alyssa Snell / Trans. from LDSYWYahooGroup
alt Value Backgrounds by Mynnette Kitchen
alt Young Women are like Jelly Beans
alt Young Women Shrinky Dink Key Chains
alt Young Women's Theme - Bookmarks
alt Young Women Theme - Sign


alt Back to School
alt Easter
alt Halloween
alt St. Patrick's Day
alt Thanksgiving Idea

alt Valentine's Day


alt Honor Bee Packet
 Honor Bee Tracking Booklet

alt Personal Progress Honor Bee Certificate


alt Click here for youth activation ideas


alt German Young Women Helps
alt Portuguese Young Women Helps
alt Spanish Young Women Helps


alt Click here for Leadership Helps
alt Purchase your Young Women materials online
alt YW Leadership Ideas


alt Christmas Lesson Helps
alt Easter Lesson Helps
alt Manual 1 Lesson Helps 
alt Manual 2 Lesson Helps
alt Manual 3 Lesson Helps 
alt Pop Quiz - a fun way to ask your lesson questions 
alt Young Women Journals by Trisha Lee - Help your girls get the most out of your lessons


Living Christ Cards by Allison Marcroft

alt Living Christ Challenge by Wendy Christensen
alt The Living Christ - Memorization Activity


alt Joan Sowards
alt Music published in the New Era
alt Sally DeFord's Website - Lots of free music!
alt Selected Young Women Music (English, Spanish, Portuguese - MP3 & PDF)
alt Seminary Music
alt We, the Youth in Zion's Army, September 2001, New Era
alt Will you be an angel? by Kerrie Neu
alt Young Women Camp Songs

NEW here for ideas on welcoming new Beehives


alt Here are several templates you can download and use to create a newsletter.
alt Newsletter Idea by Mary Dahl
alt Young Women Newsletter Template - 2 pages (Winter Theme) 
alt YW Newsletter Template by Andrea Walker


alt Grain of Sugar, Skittles and DumDum - To help them to understand how a little participation on their part can greatly increase their understanding of the gospel and make young women's more than just a "place to be".  
alt Serving up the gospel

ONLINE VIDEO CLIPS (examples of faithful YW):

alt For Madison
alt Live like you believe
alt Rachel Esplin - Panelist at Harvard Day of Faith


alt This year we started a "Strength Training" segment before we split. We have a water bottle full of little slips of paper that have situations/questions they might encounter with their friends (why don't you drink tea?, why can't you date until you are 16?, why can't you go to rated R movies?). One question per week is pulled out and then we have the youth answer the question followed by redirection/input from the youth leaders. I think it has gone over very well and the youth are always interested. Sometimes I put in a silly question (Why is Brother so-and-so cool?, or What is your favorite activity?) I think we are going to continue doing this for the next year. (Idea by Amy Williams)  * This book has more than 100 questions and could be is a sneak peak.


alt 1916 Beehive Requirements
alt Binder Quotes by Jessica Roberts
alt Binding Personal Progress Books by Julie Clegg
alt Blank box or cube pattern
alt Clock Face by Jeannie Hunt
alt Conducting Sheets [Mutual] and [Sunday Opening Exercises] by Brenda Pulsipher 
alt Easter Egg Thank You (Teacher Appreciation at Easter Time)
alt Event Planning Sheet by Tammy Mazzaferro
alt Good News Minute
alt Graduation Gift Ideas
alt Gratitude Jars by Laurie Mecham
alt Handmaiden - the story of the girl on the Young Women Medallion
alt Hunting for Primary Peace
alt Idea on how to get the Young Women more involved...
alt I'm pocketing my values! - An idea especially for YW and Personal Progress Leaders
alt Internet Safety
alt Jill's Value Posters
alt Mom and Me Moment
alt Nurturing better relationships among the Young Women
alt Online Young Women Resources 
alt Outgoing Presidency Gift Ideas
alt Personalized Crossword Puzzles
alt Priest & Laurel Retreat  
alt Recognition Letters - Young Women President can request Letters of Recognition for the Young Women and leaders that receive their Medallions.
alt Scripture Journal Pages
alt Secret Sister Idea by Kathy Macloed
Small Gift Ideas

alt Spotlight Forms - by Brenda Pulsipher / ga11132006
alt Unity Idea - Why not start a small scale visiting teaching program in your young women program if there are problems with unity?  The Young Women President and Beehive, Miamaid and Laurel class presidents would meet together to prayerfully assign partners.  It would work just like the visiting teaching program does currently.  The companionships could give their own messages from that month's New Era (they can choose).  The partners would report to their coordinator (class presidents) and they in turn would report to the Young Women President.  It would give the youth practice for when they enter Relief Society and would  help to unify, increase love and possibly reactivate some of the inactive.
alt Value Centerpieces  
alt Value Pillow by Gwen Musick
alt Value Quilt
alt Young Women Cross Stitch & Embroidery Patterns
alt Young Women Personal Progress Book
alt Young Women Value's Booklet


alt Parental or Guardian Permission and Medical Release Forms



alt Photo Directory Template


alt Making the most of trek by Linda Morgan

alt Our Pioneer Trek Preparations by Kerry Bradshaw


alt As Young Women's Ends (Poem for those entering Relief Society)
alt For the new Relief Society Sister (Given to the Young Women advancing into Relief Society)
alt I'm nothing but a window by Sue Peterson
alt Values Like Stars


alt Beehive, Miamaid and Laurel Posters by Brandy Barnett
alt Binder Quotes by Jessica Roberts


Charming Gifts - A website advertising LDS pins and charms for around .69 cents each.  Zipper pull is .10

alt Fabric Value Banner by Corrine Beaumont
alt Green Jello Salad
alt LoriNawyn's Etsy Shop - She has lots of fun things but my favorite is this ----> click here.
alt Value Flags by Michelle Shirley
alt Young Women Value Banners by Allison Oliver


alt One Liners
alt Quick Quotes
alt Quotes for Lessons in Manual 1
alt Quotes for Lesson in Manual 2Quotes for Lesson in Manual 2


alt Got Reverence? by Paula - Fun idea for encouraging girls to be reverent
alt Have young women wait in the hall while leaders set up room and someone plays the piano while they walk in... we tried it on Sunday and it ran SOOOOO smooth. (Idea shared by Brittney Rivers)
alt Reverence Help - We are having a member of the bishopric come in and participate during opening exercises each week.  This really helps with the reverence problems and also helps both the girls and bishopric know what's going on.  (Credit Unknown)


alt Click here for Road Show Ideas


alt Our Beehive class has been doing this for a few weeks and it is so much fun! What you do is you draw names from your class (you can't tell anyone who's name you have).  Throughout the week you do a secret service for them or give them a card or a little gift.  If you do get them a gift, you don't need to spend a lot of money. I would suggest a candy bar and a little note to go along with it. At the end of the week you guess who your secret sister is and draw a new secret sister. This is a lot of fun! (Idea by Jessica Fox / ga06122008)


alt Young Women Tracking Sheet


alt Women @ The Well by Ryan Guy
Young Women Values Pageant Skit


alt Click here for ideas on Standard Night


alt Class Journals - At the beginning of the year, I give each young woman in the class a journal (an inexpensive notebook will do).  At the end of Sunday lesson, pass your the journals to the girls and ask them, "After today's lesson, what do you think the Lord would most want me to do or learn?"  They write their responses and give them back to you.  During the week you read them and write a little comment back about what they wrote.  It can be as simple as, "I enjoyed your comments" or "I'm working on that too!"  If someone isn't there that day you can write, "I missed you today".  You can also tell them they can write about things they disagree with or have questions about.  Sometimes the girls might not feel comfortable asking a question or making a commend in class, but they will in the journal.  This helps you clarify what you taught and gives you the opportunity to develop a closer relationship.  Another way to do this is after the lesson, ask the girls to write down some of the things they learned during the lesson or thoughts that they had.  Tell them that you're going to call on a few of them to share with the class what they wrote.  This gives them time to dig a little deeper and to focus their thinking so they have something concrete to offer the class.  You'll know who to call on and the others you can read at home and again make comments in the journal.  At the end of the year or when you are released, you give the journals to the girls to keep.  (Idea by Missy Huller)
alt Table Centerpiece - There are always those lessons where you need a pen to have the girls write something right?  Well, you'll always have pens with this centerpiece.  You need a large terracotta pot (few dollars at Wal-mart) flower arranging sponge, Spanish moss, green floral tape and a silk flower in each of the value colors.  The dollar store is a great place to get pens, flowers, etc.  You put the stem of the flower along side the pen and wrap the green tape around it, all the way to the end of the pen.  So the pen looks like a stem and the flower is at the top of the pen.  Then you put the flower arranging sponge in the pot and cover it with Spanish moss.  Then you arrange all of your flower pens in the pot by sticking them in the sponge.  Tie a bow around your pot and your finished.  This works great and you'll always have a pen handy as well as a cute centerpiece for your lessons. (Credit Unknown)


alt “Why Your Daughter Needs the Young Women Program,” Ensign, Aug. 1978


alt Ideas for encouraging or thanking leaders or teachers
alt Substitute Teacher Thank You Ideas
alt Teacher Appreciation or Thank You Ideas


alt Thank you card with flowers
alt Thank you pass along cards


alt CLICK HERE to see some of the different themes listed on my site.


This comes from the Church Handbook of Instructions, pg. 214….”Young Women and Relief Society presidencies work together to make the transition into Relief Society successful. Preparation for this transition should begin gradually when a young woman enters the YW program. The ward Relief Society president could visit the class of the l6- and l7-year-olds and present a preview of Relief Society She also could arrange with the Young Woman’s president to have the Young Women visit and participate in Relief Society Sunday meetings, [Relief Society] meetings, or activities suited to their interests.” You could also invite Young Women to participate with the Relief Society in compassionate service.

alt Embracing Sisterhood: Helping Young Women Successfully Transition into Relief Society
alt Our young women have been meeting with the Relief Society once a quarter on Fast Sunday.  This is when they has their presidency message, so they teach the Young Women lesson that is scheduled to the Young Women and Relief Society. This has worked out very well for us. We had two graduating Laurels last year when they turned 18 and three this year that will do the same.  (Idea by Kathy Hitz)
alt Transitioning into Womanhood from the Church's website
alt YW Treasure Boxes by Wendy Killian


alt Young Women and Personal Progress Trivia by Shannon Foster

VALUE POSTERS & PRINTABLES (for binders, bulletin boards, displays, etc.)

alt Amy's Value Prints
alt Jill's Value Posters
alt Make it Perfect
alt Nicole's Value Posters

alt Value Cover Sheets by Melanie Day
alt Value Statement Centerpieces by Colette Bomsta

alt YW Value Flags and Banner by Dina Acreman
alt Young Women Value Banner by Randi Patch


alt Value Cheers by Carla Nelson
alt Faith
alt Divine Nature
alt Individual Worth
alt Knowledge
Choice & Accountability

alt Good Works
alt Integrity
alt Virtue


alt A calling to serve - A bishop extends a call to a new Young Women president. This video was originally presented in the January 2004 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting. 3:54 min
How to thread the Personal Progress bookmark 
Video Clips for Young Women from the Church's Website


alt Helpful websites for Young Women Leaders


alt LDS Young Women - Moderated by me...come join us!
alt lds youngwomen
alt LDS Girls Camp Leaders


alt For our Laurels we do a short program in the evening (20 minutes) during which time she is a presented with a binder that has a letter from the General YW Presidency with letters from family (we even ask her parents to contact grandparents and extended family to request letters) and ward members that are close to her expressing their pride in her accomplishments, their love for her, and noting any special qualities they see in her. We have the bishop give remarks about the significance of what she's accomplished (5 minutes) and maybe a musical number, etc. We display pictures of the YW (baby/childhood pictures, pictures from present day, any photos from mutual activities/girls camp, etc.) on a table as people walk in. At the end the bishop presents her with the necklace and her mother or father is standing next to her to help put it on. (Idea by Hope Taft)
alt I had friends and family write her letters of congratulations similar to what the boys would receive during their eagle court of honor. I then put those together in a scrapbook that was presented to her. I found a company online that makes a plaque for the girls personal progress award. We had a special dinner and invited the bishop to come a make a special presentation of her medallion. The area we live in didn't do anything other than present during sacrament meeting. My son was getting his eagle at the same time and I wanted to make the presentation and accomplishment of the YW award as special as I could. I felt sometimes the girls don't feel their accomplishment is as big of a deal as what scouts does for the boys. (Idea by Lanna Nunez)
alt In our ward, we also have a recognition night for any YW who completes her Personal Progress, but the family is in charge of it...we support and provide assistance and help them plan, but ultimately the parents (and the YW) make the decisions as to what they would like to do, who they would like to speak, etc. We do have one YW whose family didn't want to do anything and so we put together something for her, but other than that, we let the family take the lead and provide assistance/help as they request. (Idea by Stephanie Gisseman)
alt Our stake does an annual recognition for the girls, parents, bishops and YW Presidencies.  They have all the girls who earned their medallions set up a table in the cultural hall highlighting themseves.  They can decorate their table anyway they want.  There's time at the beginning for everyone to walk through the cultural hall and view the displays and then everyone gathers in the chapel for the program.  The Stake YW Pres. and her counselors each give a talk, then they do a video presentation of each girl as they walk up to the pulpit.  Each girl gets to say a few words about what Personal Progress means to them and their efforts in earning their medallion. As they leave the pulpit, they are greeted by the Stake YW Pres., Stake Pres., Bishop and YW President who shake her hand (or hug her!).  Each girl gets a flower handed to her by the Stake YW Pres. and her medallion handed to her by her Bishop.  After the recognitions are done we have refreshments.  It's always a very beautiful evening.  It's great to do it on a stake level because it gives all the girls a strength to see the older girls earn their medallions.  It's very motivating! (Idea by Jayna Raymond)
alt Our recognition evening by Kathy
alt Personal Progress Award - Music Theme

alt Personal Recognition Night for EVERY girl who earns it.... by Vonda Dastrup
alt Pocket your values by Stacy Pincock
alt Youth Certificates
alt Young Women Personal Progress Award: "It's O-Fish-Al!"


alt A mouse in my kitchen - YW Theme Printable 
alt History of the Young Women Theme - how it came about
alt Polka Dot YW Theme by Robin Lyman
alt Young Women Posters by Amy Gregson

alt Young Women Theme in Sign Language
alt Young Women Theme Bookmark by Julie Jensen
alt Young Women Theme and Logo
alt Young Women Theme from Holy Handouts
alt Young Women Theme including Virtue by Rachelle Ludwinski
alt Young Women Theme - Poster/Printable by Joy Kuoha
alt Young Women Theme Poster from Poppy Seed Projects
alt Young Women Theme Printable by Andrea Walker

alt Young Women Theme Printable by Angie Iacobazzi
alt Young Women Theme Printable by Nancy Yang

alt YW Theme - 4 to a page by Dina Acreman
alt YW Theme Posters by Tiersa Ludlow

alt Young Women Theme Posters in English and Spanish by Cynthia Gentry
alt YW Theme Printable by Dina Acreman 
YW Theme Printable by Summer Rodrigue
alt YW Theme with Temple
alt YW Value Printable by Ashley Jorgensen

alt YW Value Scrapbook Paper by Andrea Walker 
alt YW Theme and Value Cards by Michelle Shirley

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