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 Mother's Day Singing Time by Michelle

 Last year I did a game called "Name that Mother"  I had each Mother of a Primary aged child fill out a survey (some I had to call to get answers) then I tallied the answers for Mothers Favorite song, which we sang intermitently throughout the Sharing Time.  With the other questions I did a guessing game. I would tell them this Mother's favorite color is...etc.  then let them try to guess whose mom it was.  For some I was able to get pictures of when they were in Primary and showed the picture for them to guess.  My only regret with this was we did not get to all of the Mom's, we have 95 children in our Primary.  I think some children felt bad that their Mom was not mentioned.  So, you may want to group them and use topics that a lot of moms have in common, or something like that so you can in some way focus on each mother.  (Idea by Tiffany Rigby)

Camille's Primary Ideas - Hats off to mom

 Some Mother's Day Singing Time Ideas by Janelle Sherrill

 M.O.M. Concentration

 Mother, May I?

 Guess their favorite song by Shantell Carroll

Teaching LDS Children

 I love you mother by Nikki Tait

 Mother's Day Song to Popcorn Popping by Corin Keeler

 Our Primary is singing in Sacrament meeting on Mother's Day. We will sing Love is Spoken Here #190 1st verse everyone, Mother Dear #206 1st verse boys 2nd verse girls and then Mother, I love you #207 1st verse everyone. To make it sound a little better I went to the LDS interactive church music player at and changed the Key of Mother, I love you to F and the printed it for our accompanist.  Hope this helps other Music people. I'm new and couldn't find any ideas on the web.  (Idea by Amy Bailey / ga05022008)

 Mother, do you love me / Teach me to walk in the light - arrangement by Alethia Schnoor

 My Mother Loves Me by Michelle Key

Mom, you're the best by Tarryn Bricknell

 Queen for a day

The Busy Coconut

 CRYING MOTHER! by Luana Willis -  I love this singing time, it takes the children so much by surprise--it is such a hoot!  The idea:  You get a picture of a beautiful mother's face, and rig it up so that a squirt gun hides behind one of her eyes, and then you tell the children to sing so beautifully that they make their mothers cry.  Try not to let them know the squirt gun is there. When they reach that perfection beyond the squirt them! It is amazing how good the children will sing to activate the squirting eye!  They beg "Squirt me!"  So, you say, "Then let's sing again!"  Here is how I made mine: I searched Google Images and found a "young mother".

young mother.jpg (type this in the search box for Google Images)

It is a nice black and white photo, I printed it on card stock and colored it a little like old black and white color touch up.  (Any picture of a lovely mother would do.)  I colored the eyes blue to match my squirt bottle.

Then I laminated her and used an exacto knife to cut the iris out of the eye at the center of the page. Then I cut a piece of wood about 1/4 inch thick x 2" x 8".  In the middle of the wood I drilled a hole just the size to fit the end of a squirt bottle nozzle.  I got a bottle at Wal-Mart for $1, Goody brand (white bottle and blue lid/nozzle, small--holds about a cup of water). 

With wide tape, tape the wood strip securely to the back of the photo, centering the drilled hole over the cut-out eye opening.  The hole in the wood should fit the nozzle snugly, hot glue from the back side would probably do the trick to keep the two together solid.  Be careful not to get glue in the squirt hole.  That's all there is to it! 

The bottle makes a good "stand" for the picture, if something is propped under it, because it is so much shorter than the page.  I am thinking I might attach a piece of fabric on the back to hide the bottle, since most of the fun is in the element of surprise!

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Mother's Day Hats - (Idea by Beth Brown) I came up with a singing time to honor all that Moms do. I printed lots of hats and a mother's face. I'll have the different hats hidden through out the room. We'll talk about what our mom does for us, then sing the song listed on the back.

Hats: Nurse, chef, taxi driver, graduation hat / for teacher, cleaning supplies (I didn't like the maid idea), crown with heart/ mom's the Queen and heart of the home

Songs:  Fun to do p 253 (something to help Mom), Happy Family p 198, Quickly I'll obey p 197, Love is spoken here p 190, Families can be together forever p 188, Mother Dear I love you so

Mother's Mystery Bag - Get the underlined item and put in a bag with the clue on it.  See if anyone can guess what song it is.

Microwave Popcorn - My Mother is a cook - Popcorn Popping

Scriptures -My Mother teaches me about the scriptures-Scripture Power

Toy Car - My Mother is a taxi driver - Do As I'm Doing

Family Picture -My Mother takes care of all of us - Families Can Be Together Forever

Smiley Face - My Mother makes me happy - Smiles

Toy Vacuum - My Mother is a cleaning service - Saturday

Toy Tape Recorder w/microphone - My Mother is a rock star - Give Said the Little Stream

Care Bears - My Mother teaches me to care about others - I'm Trying to be Like Jesus

Stethoscope - My mother helps me feel better when I am sad - Love Is Spoken Here

I am also putting in 3 music notes - if they pick those they have to tell us something special about their Mom and then they can pick a song to sing.  It wasn't to hard to throw together if you need a last minute idea.  I got lots of inspiration just walking into my kids' rooms. Hopefully it will be fun - sometimes you we play to a tough audience!  (Idea by Becky T. in Ogden, Utah)

 "That's My Mother" (sung to "He's Our Bishop") - Credit Unknown

Busy as a bumblebee, that's my mother
Always cleaning after me, that's my mother!
Drives me all around the town, helps me write my homework down,
hugs me when I have a frown, that's my mother!

Teaching me what Christ would do, that's my mother
And she's serving other's too, that's my mother
Baking bread the whole day long--could be someone else mom (scratch
head and look confused)
It's for her I sing this song-- That's my mother!
(children point to their mom in the congregation)

 I wrote the letters for MOTHER individually on pieces of paper. On the back I wrote the name of all the Mother's Day songs we know, and two we didn't know:

202 I Often Go Walking
203 My Mother Dear
204 Mother, Tell Me the Story
206 Mother Dear
207 Mother, I love you
198 A Happy Family

I had visual aids already made from the past couple of years for My Mother Dear, Mother Dear, and Mother I love you. I made a poster for "I often go walking" using key words and some pictures (not a rebus). I wrote the words to the first verse of "Mother, tell me the story" on the chalkboard" and handed out songbooks to the women teachers to sing the 2nd verse. For "A Happy Family" I brought an apron, a tie, a headband (couldn't think of anything else for "sister"), and a baseball hat.

I drew names from my names jar to choose who would pick a letter off the board and who would help hold visual aids. It turned out to be really fun, the children sounded great and it took exactly 20 minutes which is what I have for singing time. Mostly I'm glad that we were able to sing three songs most of the chidlren didn't know (even my pianist didn't know "Mother, Tell Me the Story" before today!) without spending the whole time teaching.  (Idea by Nicole Soh)

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