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This section is NEW and your ideas are welcome!  If you have a boredom buster idea you'd like to share and/or pictures to go along with it, e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  THANKS!


 2011 Friend Summer Reading Program
 2 Liter Greenhouse
 A yummy treat!
 Animal Bubbles by Rachel Shearer
 Ball Coarse by Melanie Day
 Blow Fish Toy
 Bubble Snakes
 Bubble Wrap Hopscotch
 Cardboard Guitars
 Cardboard Rapunzel Castle
 Colored Water by Sharan Gainor
 Craft Journals by Debbie Loveland
 Creating Corner Bookmarks
 Dinosaur Terrarium
 Do-it-yourself Barbie House
 Doll House Boxes
 Edible finger paint by Melanie Day
 Fridge List by Heidi
 Frisbee Golf Game by Colette Bomsta
 Fruit Sticker Collection by Daisy Day
 Fun with paper fans by Rachel Shearer
 Get out your cups!
 Giant Pick Up Sticks
 Gripper Socks
 Happy Helper Game by Amy Ferguson
 Homemade Puffy Paint
 How to make a hula hoop
 Hummingbird Feeder Tutorial
 Ice Cream Kit by Tasha Reeve
 Indoor Ring Toss
 Kids Cooking Activities by Molly Jolley  
 Lunch Puzzles by Jedda Newton
Magnetic Silly Putty
 Map Munching by Jedda Newton
 Make silly pizza faces by Melanie Day
 Marshmallow Building
 Marshmallow Catapult
 Mini Marshmallow Gun
 Mini Windsocks by Daisy Day
 Painting Toast
 Painting with Chocolate
 Paper Airplane Tag by Erin Nelson
 Personalized Checkers
 Photo Snowglobes
 Rainbow Pudding Pops
 Recipe Book - Kids Draw & Cook - This is a fun site as well as this one.  It would be fun over the summer to have your children make/draw their own recipes and make it into a book.
Rock Candy Tutorial
 Salt Dough Lego Men
 Smart Snacking by Jedda Newton
 Spies like us
Summer Fun
Summer Reading Program
 Tarp Game
 The ole lemonade stand idea! by Erica Wilker
 Water Painting by Debbie Loveland


 Jennifer Johnson shares a summer boredom buster idea.  She writes, "I hope that with this article people everywhere in the U.S. might be able to find a theater close to them that offers free (older) movies in the summer.  My children look forward to going and if I buckle down and say no to buying popcorn there, it is definitely a FREE event." 


 Gospel Matching Game by Andrea Walker
 Savior Matching Game by Ranee
 Sunday Stations


 Make a homemade pinata by Holly R.
 Mall Scavenger Hunt by Janet Johnson


 Eggzotic Egg Plant
 Still Life with Kool-Aid - This looks like a lot of fun.

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