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  • Trish Dumbrell

    Exceptional music...thank you for sharing your talent for not only music but for the beauty you add to the world.
    Trish from Australia

  • Anonymous

    :-) hi I´m from argentine i´m a teacher school secundary is my profesion and the church i´m master of seminary. i´live tierra del fuego /(argentine) i´like the music the church. my facebook is CINTIA SALAS MORA

  • Anonymous

    We are excited to be working with Sugardoodle to bring you more free lds music. The portal above will give you access to all the sheet music and recordings that are submitted to Sugardoodle. If you have comments on any of the music in the Music Portal you can add them here. You can contact us through the main Sugardoodle Contact page or directly with the Contact Us button on the Music Portal Menu. LDS Songwriters, please contact us to submit any recordings or sheet music you would like to make available to the public free. Thank you! :D

  • Shelly

    :lol: This is an AMAZING song. I love it and love to play it in any spare moment. ;-)

  • angela

    :lol: muito bom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greta

    :-* Wow, I love how inspirational all of this music is! I just went to EFY and nothing can compare to how uplifting all of the music is! As I listen to these songs, it brings me back to how much I learned at EFY and how much my testimony grew. Thanks so much for this amazing music! :lol:

  • phoebe morris

    Holy COW Hillary, the new Hallelujah song is so powerful and beautiful!! Your vocal talents are amazing, I didn't even know you could sing so high! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Can't stop listening to it!! You are AMAZING! I love you! (I wish we could get all our songs recorded like this! I want to get these on my phone, can you help?)

  • melissa

    I love the song-don't fade away!! It's amazing! I would love to know how to get these songs on my phone. All the songs are wonderful and uplifting!!! :D

  • Joanne Eyre

    I absolutely love that song Don't fade away....awesome song and awesome singers what are there names and how can I get this song please......xxxx

  • kevin johnson

    i like the song kissing you by miranda cosgrove and i like akon smack that upon that floor and im going to miranda cosgrove house to spend a night all right byyy.......... and i love you miranda cosgrove and i will be at your house this weekend and plz plz call me at 909-244-0569

  • Hillary

    My nephew wrote the Don't Fade Away song. He is on a mission in Rome, Italy right now. I'll let him know you like his song.

  • Hillary

    There is a new song posted called In the Temple Today. My 6 year old daughter wrote this song and is singing. Visit if you would like more information on any of the songs in the LDS Music Portal. Many of them are available for download there.

  • Donna

    I love all this music. How can I download them so I can play them on my computer? Or can I buy a cd of all these songs?

  • Laurie

    What a great addition to the Sabbath day! How glad I am to have found this site. I shall have to visit often.

  • Abby

    I love the song Don't Fade Away! I also like the song In the Temple Today. I think it's awesome that a 6 year old wrote it.:-)

  • Mikayla

    How am i able to get the music?

  • melanie

    i love all the songs!!! how can i download them??? are you able to email them to me or something??? thnx. these songs are so inspirational!!! :D

  • sammy

    how am i able to get the music?

  • Hillary

    Many of you want the music downloads. Many are available to download from the download page at and several others will soon be available on the other websites we are working on. My nephew wrote Don't Fade Away and he is on a mission in Rome right now. When he gets home I'll get his permission to let you all download it for free. Thanks for listening!

  • Alyssa

    My friend told me to look up the song dont fadee awayy but I cant find it under the listen now. can you please tell me where I can find and listen to this

  • Hillary

    Don't Fade Away is back up. Just click on the first photo that says Singer Page and listen from the playlist. My nephew, Elder Koozer, will be so excited to get home from Rome next month to all these people who love his music. Thanks for listening.

  • Hillary

    Don't Fade Away is on the playlist on the first page.

  • sahar

    Im a unexperience teacher and I want a help

  • Thida Vor

    :-) ;-)Hi I'm from Cambodia but my parents are from Vietnam.
    I am a president of primary class.
    I love all the music church.

  • Jill

    Where would i find the sheet music for the We Believe by jenny phillips.

  • Waverly Smith

    I love the song I am his daughter its is a wonderful song to listen to

  • Franco G.

    This is a great please where someone could fine a way to feel the lord´s spirit and listen speechs and holy music

  • Uikelotu

    Diz iz Awshum cuz i dont need to try to go itunes n buy 4rm i always say free stuff is always shockingly amaz'n... :lol:

  • Patricia Lee Crane

    I am looking for the Primary Music (all of it) that Scripture Power was a part of. I ruined my only copy. I think it was last year's theme music.

  • Dean FH Macy

    Hi! Our company has represented child & young LDS singers for four decades in the East, like Amber Whitney ( Our LDS label (a sister label with Capital Records) Epilogue Records releases LDS artists through the world. I like your website. Would you like a couple of our CDs as a gift for your positive LDS website?

  • April Widmer

    I would like to have my music website listed on your sites for free music as well as my blog. How do I do that?
    April ;-) They are both LDS sites.

  • Hillary Abplanalp

    April, leave your website urls here and I will check them out.

  • Jomar

    How glad I am to have found this site. I shall have to visit this site often.

  • Susanne Ellis

    Most of us weren't born brave, so... I think we could use a little help. Music inspires. Thanks for giving us all an opportunity.

  • Petra  - LOVE THIS

    i am so loving this site, thankfully someone told me about it after my calling :side:

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