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I hope these lesson helps are informative.  However, they are just suggestions and in no way meant to replace the lesson manual.  Rather, my intent is to give you extra ideas in case your lesson runs short or to help add to your lesson.  Only you have the inspiration needed to fulfill your calling.  Most of the following suggestions come from, or are adapted from, the Friend Magazine, Primary Manuals or FHE Manuals.  May you be blessed in your efforts to teach the children about our Savior and His gospel.   If you have something that you've prepared and you would like to share it with all of us, feel free to  e-mail me.

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OTHER Helpful Links -

- Book of Mormon Battles
- Book of Mormon Coloring Chart
- Book of Mormon Paper Dolls
Primary Manual Picture Index and Equivalent Images by Mary Ann Clements
- Helping our Primary class be kinder
- Non-Food Rewards for Primary by Amelia Miles
- Reviewing Lessons by Debora Villagran
- Primary Manual Pictures by Leona Strom
- Ponder and Do by Sherri Croft
- Primary 4 Lesson Manual Picture Kit (Indexed by Elizabeth Solomon)
- Primary 4 Scripture Cards by Mary Zotz
- Scripture Stickers - You could print up a sheet of stickers for each child in your class and mark a few scriptures each week from the lesson.
- Teaching children using the scriptures by Barb Bennett - great ideas for classroom
- Treasure Hunt Notes by Sherri Croft
- End of the year review game by David Hill


- I co-moderate a Yahoo Group to share and exchange ideas and information for those teaching Senior Primary.  It is moderated to weed out SPAM and undesired solicitation.   Come and get/share ideas for your lessons and more.  If you are interested in joining, click here.


- Children's Scriptures: Great Idea
- Great idea for Junior and Senior Primary Teachers - Every week I post a picture of the Savior on the outside of our classroom door. Before I let my little 6 year olds into the classroom, I ask them to enter one at a time, reverently, and then the LAST in line gets to "invite" the Savior into our classroom to join us. I then tape the picture up on the wall where the Savior can see us. This has added a huge change in the reverence in our classroom. The children feel special that THEY got to invite Him in to be with US. (Idea by Nanci Jarman / ga01112008)
- Instead of treats by Lori Taylor

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