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I first saw the idea to print on post-it notes on Kristen's blog "Inkablinka"....(here).  It got me thinking it would be fun to make little post-it note handouts for various reasons.  I'm in the process of making Sunday School handouts for 2012 for the 12/13 year old's using post-it notes.  I created a few templates that I thought I would case you'd like to make your own.
    3 x 3 Template - Click here                   2 x 1.5 template - Click here

STEP 1 - Open your file and print it BEFORE you start working on the file.  You want a blank template to start with so you know where to put the post it notes to print properly.

STEP 2 - Keep the same file open and type your message or notes in the first box.  Copy and paste your text into the remaining five boxes. 

STEP 3 - Before you print, put a post it note on each box of your template.  Put it face down on your printer and print as you normally would.  Your message/note should be within each of the six boxes (as pictured below).

STEP 4 - Finished!  Peel off post it notes and place in scriptures, dayplanner, calendar, etc. 

Let's say you've printed a set of notes as a reminder for an activity, choir practice, etc.  I have made a template you can use (below) that can fit the post-it note.  All you do, is open it in Word and type your information in the white box.  Print it out and place your post it note in the grey box.  Also, if you don't want your text to have the box around it, just double click on the line and select "no outline".    
Don't forget template 1 - [doc] [docx]
Don't forget template 2 - [doc] [docx]
Don't forget template 3 - [doc] [docx]
Don't forget template 4 - [doc] [docx]

Comments (82)
  • Tapria

    the template for the 3x3 isn't there and that is the one that want more then the others. :sad:
    This is such a fun idea.

  • Stephanie  - It is there.

    It is a Word Document, not another webpage. When you click the link for the template, the document will download. If it doesn't open automatically, one of a couple things is probably going on. Maybe you do not have Word installed on your computer? Or maybe you have a setting turned on so that it just downloads but doesn't automatically open. If that is the case, when it downloads, you should see somewhere that it is downloading. It may be a small alert box in one of the corners of the screen, or a separate download box may pop up. When you do see the download alert box, double-click on it to open the file (if you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer). I hope that helps.

  • dana cockrum


  • Missy Roe

    This is wonderful. I will be printing off some for my Sunday school class. Thank you!

  • Tanishas


  • Michelle J

    Thanks so much! This will be super helpful!!

    Tapria, mine just took a bit to open, but it did open (or, rather, it opened the save as box)

  • Miss Pippi

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy K

    Visiting via Pinterest...these are wonderful. Thank you for the downloads. :roll:

  • Jo Ann

    I tried printing this from my Mac and it would not show up. Would you know how I can get it to print on a Mac? Thank you.

  • Sugar Doodle

    JoAnn, I am so sorry, but I am not familiar at all with a Mac. Not sure how to make these compatible. Suggestions welcome!

    I tried printing this from my Mac and it would not show up. Would you know how I can get it to print on a Mac? Thank you.
  • Anikka

    Do you have Word on your Mac (the microsoft product not Apple's Iworks "Pages";)? If not it won't open. I don't know if it might work with a free program such as open office that is compatible with word docs.

  • Kelly

    I have a mac with Pages and printed the templates just fine.

  • deonna

    I love this idea but when I print the lines from the template print as well. How do I get the outline to not print

  • Sugar Doodle

    If you don't want the line around the note, just click on the line itself and select "no outline". (If you read the last line or so of this post, you'll see a link and you can click on it and see what I mean by "no outline".) I hope that helps!! : )

    I love this idea but when I print the lines from the template print as well. How do I get the outline to not print
  • Tapria

    yeah! the link is there now. Michelle J, I promise there was no link before and now there is! Now if I could just find where I put my stick it notes. hmmmm.

  • Wendy C

    I found this via Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.

  • Missy Roe

    I think this is such a fun idea! Thank you! You made it so easy to do. I just printed some off and it worked great! So excited to have this for my Sunday School class.

  • Mandy B

    THANKS so much!! This is so great!!

  • MimiT

    This is fantastic!! I can't wait to use it at work!!!

  • CassieLaughlin

    I am LDS, I can't read the Heavenly Father's Plan, but very interested in what all it says... could you share with me please? ~Cassie

  • Nana someday

    Two questions: How do you keep the template line from printing? Do you ever have problems with the Post-its coming off and getting caught in the printer? Thanks!

  • rosevance

    What an AWESOME idea! Thank you for sharing. I now have a great way to share information with my parents.

  • Katie Thygerson

    Thank you! This is AWESOME!

  • Joy Joy

    I love this. I found it on Pinterest. But when I saw what the text was, I realized you were doing this for the same Sunday School class I am teaching too. Is there a link where the actual ideas for the Sunday School class are posted? I teach middle school too so I'm constantly "preparing a lesson" so I need all the help/short cuts I can find.

  • Joy Joy

    I found it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm so happy to have this resource for my Sunday School Class. What a great site!!!!! :lol:

  • Joy Joy

    OOPS, I'm not sure if that went through or not. I said that I had found the link to the resources. What a wonderful site!!! I'm so excited!!!!

  • Terri Wells

    THANK YOU!!! I have always wanted to be able to print on post its but have been afraid to run through the printer ... it works! Have you ever tried to put them back together to form a pad? Just wondering if they will stay stuck together. Am going to experiment. :lol:

  • willingtootry

    i tried this and it didn't work at first (it wasn't aligned properly) because I was putting the wrong end of the paper with the post its on it through the printer.

    TRANSLATION: the template doesn't have even top and bottom margins. Put the end with the SMALLER MARGIN in "first" (as in closest to the printing mechanism) and face down.

  • Jaymi

    Found this template on Pinterest, and I have to tell you, I was beyond excited! I modified it a little to suit my needs as a special education teacher and posted it on my blog, and gave you the credit, of course! It's amazing. Thanks!

  • Kelly Mathews

    Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!! I have pinned this for future reference.

  • Christen79

    Thank you for this template! I used it for a valentines project of love notes. I posted it on my blog: friday-travel-and-home.html

    Thank you again!

  • obnursedena

    :D I love this. I can use this for SO many things, everything from work to home to love notes. Thank you for this exceptional lesson.

  • Gina Cummings

    :oops: I jammed my printer at school with this clever idea. All today no copier. I hope it is fix tomorrow. Many teachers a little upset with me.

  • ScattyCrafter

    I am worried this would stick in my printer. I cannot afford for it to stop working BUT might try it in an old one I need to fix up anyway.

  • scripturestickies

    If you can't get this to work check out - we have done the work for you and the font is big and easy to read. Free shipping and lots of cool resources. Thank you!

  • MerissaRam

    This is great!! Thanks so much!

  • twonome

    THIS IS SOOOO GREAT! THANK YOU!! My mind is spinning with all the things I can do in my classroom. I am just one happy girl! Glad I found you through Pinterest!!

  • StacyHob

    Thank you!!! components/com_jcomments/images/smiles/cool.gif Very sweet of you to share!!

  • Rose M. Welch

    Thanks so much!

  • Sue Third

    Thanks so much. Can't wait to us them. :P

  • KristinWu

    That was awesome! Thanks so much! Worked like a charm.

  • Christy W

    This is amazing!! Thank you! I can use these in high school math, putting a graph on them. Instant easy graphing!!

  • Sherry Rbinson

    This is so cool! Thanks SO much for sharing. Hugs to you!

  • Jill Gannoe

    :-) This is amazing. Thanks so much. I can't wait to try it.

  • Ted

    You can also buy sheets of printable post-it's, if you ahve a lot to print out. They are hard to find in stores, but if you look hard you can find them online. 6 per sheet.

    Can I also say it's kind of funny to see the word classroom censored? Can't we find a way to keep your autotomated censor from blocking that? Makes the site seem a little over the top prudish...

  • calmare

    I would be afraid one would come off and get stuck in the printer, anyone have any trouble with that?

  • Shannyn Hanlon

    This is amazing. I use post it notes for Everything! I've been hoping to find a way to print on post its, but don't have the time to set it all up. Thank you so much.

  • Promise

    All I can say is...."AWESOME"!!!! Thanks a bunch!

  • Brie

    Thank you! These are perfect for creating personal word walls in file folders for my students this year!

  • JacqueR

    I, too, found this on Pinterest. I have used it to create my "2 Stars and Wish" feedback postits and documentation for Writer's Workshop conferences. I write the feedback on the post it, peel if off and give it to the student, and I then write an abbreviated form on the sheet below for my documentation. Thank you!!!

  • Tori S
    I would be afraid one would come off and get stuck in the printer, anyone have any trouble with that?

    Yes, this happened to me on the top left post-it (the first box). What I did was remove that one and then it worked perfectly.

  • Cassi314

    Hello! I love the Plan of Happiness post-it! I would love to print it out for my seminary students to put in their scriptures. Do you have a word file that you made that with?

  • La

    Love this idea! How about a 2"x2" template? Can this be easily modified for that size?

  • (Ms.) Ernie  - Great Idea

    Thanks for making these available. I've pinned them to Pinterest.

  • jeanny  - This is wonderful and much better than Instagram!

    Thank you! :woohoo:

  • Deirdre

    This is great! I took it one step further to avoid the lines that may appear from the template. Go back and make the border of the text box white so the lines won't appear but the text is still where it needs to be. Thanks for posting this template!

  • Laura

    Hi! Absolutely love this idea! Do you have templates for the 5" X 3" post-it notes? 5" is the width......Thanx

  • Caron

    To change to 5" X 3" post-it notes, start with the 3" x 3" template, delete the three boxes on the right, then stretch the width of the remaining three boxes to just under 5".

  • cathy  - question

    Do you have a template for larger post it notes?

  • Calypso  - THANKS

    :) THANK YOU !! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Diana

    I love this! I can think of a million things to do with this!!!!

  • Dori Moore  - Thank you.

    Thank you for your time and effort. I appreciate that you were so willing to share these templates. :)

  • Anonymous


  • Mary  - question!

    I love this idea! Thank you for the template. I was able to download the template, but I can't type in it. What do I do?
    Sorry if this is a dumb question!

  • Eva  - Amazing Template

    Thanks so much for sharing this template. Just used it to write "love" notes to my students before the state assessment test. Perfect!!!

  • terri  - printing on star shaped post it notes

    do you have a template for star post it notes?
    How do you change the font?

  • Carol  - Thank you!

    :cheer: this is just what I needed to the few copies of stickies I need.

  • Grace  - Thank you!

    You're wonderful! This is amazing and will for sure come in handy! Thank you so much! :)

  • Dora D  - Thank you

    The 3x3 template worked great! Thanks so much!!

  • Debbie  - Post it

    The photo showing how to print on post it's has His salvation plan on it, I would love to be able to read it but when I enlarge it becomes distorted. Would you be able to send me a copy? Thank you

  • Sharon Steenbergen  - Thanks

    Things like this are so appreciated. I am 77 and have lots of time to create things on my computer. Thank you.

  • marianne  - post-it templates

    I love the 3x3 post-it note template and have used in my classroom. Did you make a template for the 4x4 post-it notes? We use this size most of the time.
    Thank you

  • christina Smoorenburg  - AAAHHHHH WHY!!! UPSIDE DOWN!!!

    ok the only way I can get these to print correctly is upside down...seriously, I have flipped and flopped and moved multiple times but it can not position these to print with sticky side at the top. :shock:

  • Bridgett

    Totally Awesome! Even worked Beautifully with my big Laser printer. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  • G  - Posi It

    THANK YOU! Saved me oodles of time!

  • amber  - love it!

    I've been looking for a template for this! Thanks so much!

  • Mandi  - THANKS!!!

    Found this on Pinterest. Thank you so much. Printed 80 sticky notes (10 each of 8 different colors) for a Math Measuring Activity for my First Grade class tomorrow! Thanks for getting the template ready so this project was fast and easy!

  • Christi  - Christi - Greatful teacher

    I am using this templete to make stopping places in my students' novels. It signals them that they need to answer a question or do an activity. Incredible visual for my students, especially those with organizational challenges.

  • Wacky  - Thank you soooo much!

    Thank you so much for these templates! I didn't have to make my own...which I could have done but would have taken FOREVER! Much appreciated from this homeschooling mama!

  • Mizz Bhavin  - Thank you!

    :cheer: Thank you so much for making these available! I really appreciate it!

  • Cristina  - It's great

    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
    It's a great idea!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • Makim  - brill

    God Bless you & your family!

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