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A notice dated August 21, 2012, announced the 2013 Mutual theme: “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord come; for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord” (Doctrine and Covenants 87:8).  Leaders are encouraged to use the theme to enrich Mutual opening exercises, as a topic for sacrament meeting talks by youth, and to provide focus for youth activities such as camp, youth conference, and devotionals. It may also be used to focus youth on temple worthiness, temple attendance, and family history.  The annual DVD, Strength of Youth Media 2013: Stand Ye in Holy Places, will be available online at the end of the year. These brief video segments may be used to supplement quorum meetings, classes, youth conference, and other youth activities throughout the year.  Additional resource material in support of the theme will be available in the New Era and Liahona magazines and on at the beginning of 2013.

If you have ideas, files or links specific to the 2013 Mutual Theme that you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ACTIVITIES (specific to this years theme):

2013 Mutual Activity Ideas by Karen Sunday
Activity Suggestions that correspond with the "Come Follow Me" Lessons by Katie Hill
How can you plan or incorporate personal progress into activity nights?
 I can go the distance - you could adapt this activity
Video Scripture Scavenger Hunt by Aimee Bovee


2013 Class Presidency Binder Covers by Stacie Amian
281 Fourth Street
 Kolette Hall
Lil' Luna
Lolly Jane (in English and Spanish)
Simply Fresh Designs
Young Women Binder Cover by Teralyn Smith


I'm going there someday (wood temple block)
I had two ideas for birthday gifts for young women's next year. Seeing as the theme is stand in holy places both are temple centered. One being temple recommend holders with the nearest temple pictured on it, and second is a temple passport (more expensive but very fun). (Idea shared by Lacie Jensen / ga12062012)
Jewelry Stands by This-n-that
Stand ye in holy places by Eva Hansen - Birthday card printable
Stand in holy places (poem printable) by Melanee
Stand ye in Holy Places by Brittany Olsen - Sock Birthday Poem Printable
We are thinking of ordering the Temple Ensign and giving that to them along with a page with the testimony our Presidency. (Idea by Jill Brown)
We were a year ahead of the theme. Our birthday gift for 2012 has been two pairs of fun socks with a very cute tag that said "Stand in Holy Places" and included a quote from Pres. Monson's 2011 General Conference talk by the same name. Between the girls we currently have and the new Beehives we have gained this year, we needed socks for 40.  I found some online and bought 84 pair for $60.  (Idea shared by Kathie Cude)
We bought some Bath and Body works lotions and body wash when they were on clearance and putting that with the handkerchief with  something like "Keep your hands and heart clean and pure so you can attend the temple".  (Idea by Beth Adams)
We discussed birthday gifts in our meeting last week and one of our counselors said that her favorite gift from when she was in YW was a card that had a girl drawn on it and a hankerchief that comes through a slit to look like it is the girl's dress. It is meant to be a keepsake for the YW to take to the temple when the time comes and a reminder to keep that a goal. (Idea shared by Jamie)
We seek after these things
Young Women Inspiration


2013 Mutual Theme Bookmark by Tanya Searle
2013 Mutual Theme Bookmark by Vicky Garcia
2013 Mutual Boookmark by Wendy Ford
Mutual Theme Bookmarks
Stand ye in holy places bookmark Erin Klingler
Telling Family Tales


Girl on Fire
My Holy Place by Laurel Johnson
YW Ideas from 2 sisters and a blog


2013 YW/YM Calendar
Calendar from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon
Calendar from Prepared Not Scared


Hang a Ribbon on the Moon


YW Smash Book Elements


 Little Miss Suzy Q
Stand Ye In Holy Places Bottlecap Necklace
Temple Pendant Necklace by Wendy Ford


Come Follow Me Blog - FHE Lessons that correspond with the Come, Follow Me curriculum


Beverly writes, "I was looking at all the cute ideas you have for 2013. While watching the temple video you have posted I thought it would be awesome if the girls had a temple calendar! This would have to be a Christmas gift OR a very early New Beginnings gift. My thought also was to incorporate photo's of the girls parents at the temple or ward members. I have only 4 girls in my ward so this will have to include leaders, ward members and family members photos. Not sure of the cost of having it printed at Kinko's or Staples. But homemade calendars work just as well. I also thought sayings on each month which I lifted from the song and other ideas... starting off with Stand Ye in Holy Places, Keep your eye on the temple, keep your hands and heart clean and pure to enter the temple, Keep inspired by the temple spires, live your life higher, keep your heart on the temple, Be worth of the temple blessings, I'm going there someday, I love to see the temple, families are forever, live a CTR life (current temple recommend), repeat Stand Ye in Holy Places."  (Idea shared by Beverly Downs, YW Pres. Norwalk Ward / ga10222012)
Necklace Idea
Stand in holy places (poem printable) by Melanee

GIRL'S CAMP IDEAS (specific to this year's theme):

How to make your heart a holy place by Mindy Hardy


Holy Handouts
Stand ye in holy places printable by Merrianne Call
Temple Blessings Claim Ticket - This was created as a Visiting Teaching handout but could be adapted and changed up for this years theme
Temple Hanger
YW Shrinky Dink Keychains by Amanda Waite


2013 Young Women Teaching Schedule by Alyssa Haddenham


2013 Mutual Theme Logo by Joni Hill
2013 Mutual Theme Key Logos and Theme Ideas


 I wanna stand in a holy place 
In that holy place by Sally DeFord
Jenny Phillips 
STAND by Sharon Hopkins - sheet music and mp3 
Stand in Holy Places by Hillary Abplanalp
Stand Ye in Holy Places by Joan Sowards


A Little Crafting
A Year in Young Women by Kelli Summers
Continually Creative
Inkablinka - {Slide Show} {Shoe Invite} {Planning Sheet} {Candy Gram}
Marci Coombs
New Beginnings....Dr. Seuss Style by Sally Whitt
Oh, the Places You'll Go
Oh, the Places You'll Stand by Jill
Passport to Holy Places by Danelle Fobert
Some Sweet Talking Girl
Standing on higher ground by Laura Stephens
Tangled by Shannon Miller
We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ
We did this for New Beginnings, but it could easly be adapted for a Wednesday night activity.  Our theme was "Shoes" Where You Will Stand, based on the "Stand in Holy Places" theme for 2013.  We had some high heeled shoe shapes cut out of thin plywood and then used  Mod Podge to adhere decorative paper to the front of the shape. The girls then decorated them with rhinestones, buttons, flowers, feathers etc. On the back of their shoe the girls wrote a goal that will help them stand in a holy place, such as:  I "shoes" to pray every day, I "shoes" to read the Book of Mormon, I "shoes" to treat my sister with greater kindness...  At our New Beginnings the girls all came to the front to show their shoe and explain their goal, and they took them home so they could look at them everyday to help them remember what they had promised to do.  It was so fun, the girls were so creative with their shoe designs and they had a great time showing them off!  Hope this is as fun and meaningful for others as it was for us. (Idea shared by Shelley Hannig / ga02222013)


2013 Mutual Theme - Introduction of 2013 theme by General YW/YM Leaders
Announcement and Resources (Church News)
Globe Re-do from "This-n-that"
Stand in Holy Places Embroidery by Erlyn Barlocker
Stand in Holy Places (Skit) by Tawnya Rasmussen
Stand ye in holy places - scripture study program
Temple Box - a great handout or visual aide for this year's theme


2013 Personal Progress printable (in color and b/w)


Chalkboard Posters in six sizes
Corduroy Dreams
Deseret Designs
Krysp Photography
Liberty's Layouts
Lift up my soul project - The "Lift Up My Soul" project was created to allow every young person in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to have a picture of themselves kneeling before the Savior, and it will be provided for the youth of your ward for FREE!
Mormonad - "Stand in Holy Places"
 Mormon Share
Sisters in Zion
Stand ye in holy places by Eva Hansen
The Dearth Duo


Bookmarks from Ringmasters
Latter Day Saint YW
Necklaces by Elizabeth Isom
Proclamation Pictures
Real Hero Posters


How are you going to introduce the 2013 Mutual Theme?
What are your plans for New Beginnings for 2013?
What birthday gift do you plan on giving to your Young Women during 2013?


Quotes that go along with the Young Men and Young Women 2013 Mutual Theme from The Red Headed Hostess.
"We unavoidably stand in so many unholy places and are subjected to so much that is vulgar, profane, and destructive of the Spirit of the Lord that I encourage our Saints all over the world, wherever possible, to strive to stand more often in holy places." - James E. Faust

SCRIPTURE STUDY - Breaking down the 2013 Theme

Line Upon Line - Breaking down the theme (January 2013 New Era)
That good part - "Stand Ye In Holy Places" scripture study program


Stand in Holy Places by Tawnya Rasmussen
Three Little Pigs by Maria Harwood


Always in Our Sights -- The Temple
 Stand - 2013 Theme Song
Stand in Holy Places by Jenny Phillips
Temple Spires by Jenny Phillips


 2013 Young Women in Excellence Script by Kammie
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

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