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Click here for a copy of the 2013 Primary Outline

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2013 Meet your teacher breakfast by Jen Card


2013 Primary Binder Cover by Shawna Smith
2013 Primary Binder Printables by Amber Tilley
 Binder Cover and monthly posters from Simply Fresh Designs
I am a child of God binder cover by Amy Child
I am a child of God Binder Covers by Kimberly D. - for teachers and presidency members
Presidency Binder covers from Latter-Day Chatter


Birthday Card Template
 Gift idea - you could adapt this would take a bit of work but would be nice
I am a child of God tile
Make your own "I am a child of God" pen inserts for birthday gifts


2013 Primary Bookmarks by Ashleigh Belliston
 I am a child of God bookmarks
Susan Fitch Designs


 Click here for 2013 bulletin board ideas


An idea for choosing a helper in Primary by Mindy Hardy - an idea that goes well with this years Primary theme.


2013 Primary Classroom Door Signs by Lori Draper
2013 Primary Printables by Colette - Her download includes door signs
2013 Primary Door Signs by Melanie Day
Classroom Door Signs from 281 Fourth Street
Classroom Door Signs

FAITH IN GOD HELPS (specific to 2013):

Faith in God goals with 2013 Sharing Time Program


2013 Primary Themed FHE Lessons by Jennifer Sykes


I am a child of God (mirror handout) by Lou Collins


Primary 5 Lesson Schedule for 2013 by Becky Allen
Primary Lesson Schedules for 2013 by Laura Anderson


Logo 1 from Mormon Share
 Logo 2 from Mormon Share
The Idea Door


2013 Singing Time Schedule
2013 Primary Music Helps by Christina Nielson
Aides and helps from "Music of Primary Importance"
CD cover and envelope
CD Cover from 281 Fourth Street
CD Cover from Latter-Day Chatter
CD Music Labels
MP3 files of 2013 songs from
Primary Songbook for 2013


Newsletter Templates from Latter-Day Chatter: {January} {February} {March} {No April} {May} {June}


2012 Primary Printables by Colette
4x6 quiet book of 2013 Theme from Simply Fresh Designs
Children's Booklet/Journal
Color by Number Printable
Hello, I'm a child of God stickers by Adriana Backman
I am a child of God Bingo
I am a child of God booklet by Amy Cassell
I am a child of God Coloring Book by Lucinda Wade
Primary Index Cards by Mindy Hardy
Primary President Checklist
Primary Theme Stickers
 Simply Fresh Designs


2013 Primary Overview by Julie DuBois
2013 Primary Overview by Melissa Dibbell
2013 Primary Schedule printable for binders
Colette's Ultimate 2013 Primary Planner - wonderful!!


2013 Primary Posters by Amber Tilley
Posters from Latter-Day Chatter: [Jan] [Feb] [Mar] [Apr] [May] [June] [July] [Aug] [Sept] [Oct] [Nov] [Dec]
Posters from The Idea Door
Posters from Latter-Day Chatter in SPANISH
Simply Fresh Designs


 2013 Primary Program Scripts


 2013 Primary Talks by Melanie Day - back up talks for Primary
 I am a child of God Talks and Helps from Mormon Share

PRIMARY TEACHER HELPS (specific to 2013):

Class Prayer Chart for 2013 by Melanie Hotz


2013 Primary Printables by Colette
 I am a child of God printable
Printable from Mormon Mommy Blogs


 2013 Primary Music CD from Jenny Phillips
I am a child of God - digital scrapbook kit
LDS Greats


How are you going to introduce the 2013 Primary Theme?
What birthday gift do you plan on giving to your Primary children during 2013?


 2013 Primary Program Scripts


Scripture Cards with Pictures


2013 scripture, prayer and talk assignment cards by Lisa Pratt
2013 Talk Reminders by Emily Truman
Primary Wristbands from Holy Handouts
Scripture, Prayer and Talk Assignment Cards for 2013 by Emily Noorda
Wristband Reminders from Simply Fresh Designs


Summer Conference Challenge by Susan Darr


I am a child of God
We are all Children of our Father in Heaven. Christ is the way back to Him.

Comments (63)
  • Guest

    Does anyone know what the 2013 lesson manuals will be?

  • Robin Brady  - Primary manuel

    I believe all LDS yearly manuels are now on line at including the Primary manuel which I just looked up on my app.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the info. Where do you find it? I searched all over and couldn't find what the manuals for next year would be.

  • Lizzy  - 2013 Lesson Manuals

    It's in the 2013 Outline for Sharing Time, page 1 under the Curriculum for 2013 heading.

  • Ameleah  - Just A Reminder - Keep it simple

    Just a reminder to all of us who work with children with special needs in our primaries. Keep things simple when doing bulletin boards and other visuals children will be exposed to. We all have wonderful ideas and I don't want to stifle them, I just feel we need to remember those who may be distressed when looking at a crowded bulletin boards & posters with a lot of patterns and distractions. Again thanks for all you do here and the talents you share!

  • Tanya  - Simple idea

    I love simple for all kids! I have a primary of 167 kids and simplicity equals less distraction. For the "I Am A Child of God" theme we decided to take a picture of every child and put their pictures underneath the heading," Who is a child of God? I am!"

  • Dodie  - planning calendars for 2013

    Do you have any monthly planning calendars for scheduling.

  • Traci  - Monthly talks

    Can anyone tell how to find the monthly talks, that go along with the themes for each month and week? Our past primary presdent put together a binder that had these in it, in case someone wasn't there and it was great.

  • Amanda  - 2013 Song "If the Savior Stood Beside Me"

    Can anyone tell me how I can actually download a copy of the song for this coming year? I can only figure out how to listen to it on, not how to download it to put on our cds.

  • Anonymous  - Small Talks for each month

    Last year we found a document that HAD A SMALL TALK ON TOPIC FOR EACH MONTHS THEME. wILL YOU BE doing this again this year?

  • Sheila  - Primary talks

    Melanie Day gave this link above: option=com_content&view=article&id=8916
    Hope it helps

  • Anonymous  - Condcuting Sheet

    Has anyone made a conducting sheet for the 2013 year?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if Wendy Burningham is going to do the "Leadership Schedule and Planner"? It was great for the weekly assignments.

  • tami  - How to get a copy of the music

    I can't figure out how to save the music so that I can make a cd for the primary kids. How would I do this, anyone know?

  • Laura  - Monthly themes

    Does anyone have the monthly themes for 2013 with pictures? A few people shared them last year and I would love to use them this year if anyone has them.

  • Julie  - Primary Activity Ideas

    Does anyone have any good ideas for Primary Activity Ideas? We would like to have a couple activities throughout the year and we are hoping the first one could be something related to the theme "I am a Child of God". Any ideas??

  • Marie Albretsen  - Primary Activites

    According to the General Presidency there are not to be any activities any more in primary. on the cub scouts and activity days.

  • Kay Malinka

    I am new in my calling as Primary president. I see in the handbook 2 nothing no section on primary activities other than the Activity days girls and scouts. I was under some understanding that we needed to plan a quarterly "extra" activity. I don't know where I got this thought. So we are not to do these "extra" activities? Thank you!

  • Tammy  - Primary Activity Ideas

    You can still do activities on the primary level, they are just not required anymore. Just look in the activities section 13 of the handbook.

  • Anonymous  - re:
    Guest wrote:
    Does anyone know what the 2013 lesson manuals will be?
  • BriannaK  - Birthday Gift & Theme Gift Idea

    We're making tiles for their Birthdays, but using the small 4x4 (really 4.25" x 4.25";) tiles (they were like 16 cents each). Using the Article of faith cards (the picture of Christ with the Children- pack of 50 cost $2.00) and a printed paper saying "I am a Child of God" we are modge podging up a storm. The total cost per tile was less than 25 cents each.

    Another idea we are using, a gift we want to give to everyone now is using that same image (from which I shrunk down and put into a circle, added "Child of God" text and printed it with a lazer printer. Then, cutting out those circles, we're gluing it to a washer (modgepodge), then using a thicker glaze over the top, and lastly epoxey-ing a pin to the back so that the children have a little pin that says I am a Child of God. We used the 1.25" washers because they were what I happened to have on hand. For the teachers, instead of a pin, we're doing magnets. The total cost per pin is close...

  • Lorena  - Primary theme

    All this info is very helpfull but I need the 2013 primary binder in Spanish any one? And all you have in Spanish will be really help full.



  • Julissa

    Does anyone have a template of a health form. For the primary kids ,something not to crazy. I need something that can use for my primay kids. Like it would have address, phone etc type of form.

  • Julissa

    Does anyone have a template of a health form. For the primary kids ,something not to crazy. I need something that can use for my primay kids. Like it would have address, phone etc type of form.

  • Anonymous  - Sharing Time reminders

    Do you have anything to give to teachers for a Sharing time reminders?

  • Kim  - Baptism certificates

    Does anyone know why/when we stopped giving certificates to children when they were baptized? If anyone is still doing some type of recognition for this, could you share your ideas? Thanks!

  • KS

    We got one from the bishopric when our child was baptized at the end of April. They actually had it ready the next day. For our daughter we got it about a year later.

  • Sue Boyd  - Monthly music plans/ideas

    Last month I copied a couple of pages of the January theme song, and different ways to present it each of the 4 weeks . . . and now I can't find it again to see if February-on has been done. It was WONDERFUL, and I used many of the ideas to teach our children! Help!!! anyone know where I got it from

  • Kay Malinka  - Primary Easter Celebration Activity

    Does anyone have any good ideas for an Easter Activity? We will be meeting for 1.5 hours on a Saturday. Thank you!

  • Kerri  - Sharing time ideas

    Just wondering if people were still posting their Sharing Time ideas here. I loved that feature! I'm a single gal w/ no kids who works mainly with adults. Those ideas have been lifesavers in the past, as I need help planning age appropriate lessons and activities.

  • June Elder  - I teach CTR 7 - 8 and need extra ideas

    I can use some new thoughts to keep my class having attention during my class time. Thoughts anyone? June Elder I teach the 7 yr olds turning 8 this year in Primary.

  • Anonymous  - Query?

    Do you have any templates for a postcard to send to children who were not there on Sunday to say that they were missed??

  • Arianne  - re: Query?

    I've got some postcards that I made for our primary. Send me an email and I'll email the file to you,

  • Melissa England  - 5 minute remnder cards

    HELP!! A couple days ago I was looking at several different primary idea sites and I saw some cards to slip under classroom doors to inform them they have 5 minutes. I told my counselors about them and they loved the idea. I have been looking ALL DAY and I can't find them anywhere!! Anyone seen them anywhere?

  • Anonymous

    I was just asked to put together the Primary Program for this year. It's not until October, but I would like to start thinking about it. This is my first time in Primary and I'm not sure where to start. Does anyone have ideas?

  • Erinn  - 2013 primary presentation outline for 100 kids?

    I'm looking for a 2013 primary presentation outline for my large primary! Was hoping to have this completed by June for the presentation in mid- Oct. any thoughts or formulas for writing all the speaking parts?

  • LAM  - 2013 Primary Program

    We have about 120 kids that show up and I don't even know where to start either. So again, any suggestions out there?

  • Jeni  - Miss you cards

    Could I get some ideas for miss you cards and any other ideas for the kids that aren't attending primary. Would love some ideas that the other kids can do to invite them or be a missionary to them outside of church.

  • Ysabel  - Traduccion de pagina al español

    Hola, muchas gracias por su tan interesante pagina, me pregunto si podrian agregar enlace para traducir la pagina ya que en algunas partes nos da dificultad traducir correctamente el contenido de la misma.

    Muchas gracias por todo el aporte que nos hacen, que el Señor las bendiga mucho.

    Besos, :kiss:

  • anezia malaman  - gostaria muito de aprimorar ter aulas mais dinamic

    gostaria muito de aprimorar ter aulas mais dinamicas .criativas,interessantes como tem aki em spanisk fork estou aki por uns meses --gostaria muito de ter materiais e atividades do tempo de compartilhar em portugues ..amo a primaria e dou aulas para oCTR LA E CRIANCAS TDS JUNTAS DE 4 A 8 ANOS POR FAVOR AGRADECO E DESCULPE NAO FALO INGLES OBRIGADO COM AMOR E AGRADECIMENTO ANEZIA.. :)


  • Lori  - Father's Day

    Does anyone have something special planned for their Father's Day Sharing Time? Since there are five Sundays our President wanted something on Father's. Any simple ideas that can be pulled off in 15 minutes? Thank you!

  • adele  - primary music

    Glad to see more current conversations. There used to be books of music helps (illustrations, etc-printable) specific for each years Primary Presentations. I can't find one for 2013 and my freehand art is terrible.

  • ruta

    Has anyone started there Sacrament program yet? Just wondering, trying to get some ideas.

  • KS

    Yes - I have my rough draft started. We only need parts for about 45, so I like to use poems and longer parts for my kids. I pull poems from the Tiny Talks books and use talks from the 2013 primary talks that Melanie posted on this website. I also start each month with the someone saying the theme for the month, another the scripture and then follow that with the poems, talks, etc. After that we sing the song for the month and start again.

  • KS

    Yes, I have my rough draft done to turn into the bishop for approval. I used poems from the Teeny Tiny Talks books, and the primary talks that Melanie put on this website to help with last minute talk helps. I like to start each section of my program with the theme for the month and scripture. Then I have some poems, talk, ect. I only need about 45 parts for our ward, so I like to have longer talks for my older kids (helps prepare them for giving talks as YM and YW.) Pretty soon there will be a link on the homepage where people can send in their programs to help others, so watch for that (or at least there has been in the past).

  • Lora  - sacrament program

    Does anyone know where to find ideas for the Sacrament Program for 2013? Also, has anyone had trouble with the search box not allowing you to type in enough letters?

  • Joni  - primary program

    I am also looking for ideas for this year's primary program! There was a ton of ideas last year but this year I haven't seen anything yet.. Am I looking in the wrong place??

  • Ashley  - 2013 Sacrament scripts

    Have there been any program scripts submitted yet? I need to start putting our program together and like to get ideas from some other people's wonderful scripts. Thanks!

  • Susie Nielson

    Looking for ideas for primary program

  • Miriam  - sacrament program

    Where can I find the Primary children's sacrament program scripts for 2013? Surely some have been submitted by now?

  • kim Shields  - primary program

    I am starting to get the bug to get the program all done. Has anyone started one???

  • Leslie  - Primary Program

    I just submitted our program to Melanie. It is written with about 57 parts but could be changed as needed. I loved getting ideas in the past, but I needed to get it done before vacation. I also looked at the 2008 program as the theme was "I am a Child of God" also. Wishing everyone a very successful program!!

  • Brooke  - Lesson about Special Needs Children

    We have recently had a few children with Special Needs (autism, cerebral palsy, Tourettes) move into our ward Primary. I feel a strong need to teach a Sharing Time lesson about Acceptance/Compassion/Patience/Tolerance .... I don't want it to be directed toward these children specifically; rather, I would just like to give our Primary children something to think about in a much more general sense.

    Has anyone done something like this? I would very much appreciate any ideas, warnings and/or suggestions.

  • camille

    We have two young boys in our primary that are in wheel chairs. This year for one of the songs they learned "l'll walk with you". Its found in the primary song book. I am so grateful to our chorister for picking this song it has taught the children that lesson, without anyone having to say anything. The children LOVE this song,and everytime they sing this song, I can see their love for these two boys! Sometimes I find the best lessons are taught through song. :)

  • Marla  - Primary theme 2014

    When does next years theme get announced?

  • brittnie  - 2014 primary theme

    2014 theme came out this year along with the manual assignments, Families are Forever, I can't wait!

  • AmyK  - 2013 Primary Program

    I see many people have asked about the Primary Program. We just had a change in our Presidency and I am scrambling to put one together. Does anyone have a completed one that I might be able to look at and draw some inspiration? Anything would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • Andrea  - Christmas gifts for teachers?

    We are trying to think of ideas for a simple Christmas gift to give to our teachers. Any ideas?

  • emily  - teacher gift

    Andrea - has teacher appreciation pens. here is a link: appreciation-p-392.html

  • Rene' Hancock  - The poem "I don't want to be Three"

    I have been trying to find the poem "I don't want to he three" to give to my new sunbeam class members. The site that listed that poem has been down for some time where the poem was previously listed. Is there any where else that I can find that poem?


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