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Lesson 01: Introduction to the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History
Lesson 02:Behold, I Am Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World”    
Lesson 03:I Had Seen a Vision”       
Lesson 04:Remember the New Covenant, Even the Book of Mormon”        
Lesson 05:This Is the Spirit of Revelation”        
Lesson 06:I Will Tell You in Your Mind and in Your Heart, by the Holy Ghost”        
Lesson 07:The First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel”        
Lesson 08: The Restoration of the Priesthood      
Lesson 09:The Only True and Living Church”        
Lesson 10:This Is My Voice unto All”        
Lesson 11:The Field Is White Already to Harvest”       
Lesson 12:The Gathering of My People”        
Lesson 13:This Generation Shall Have My Word through You”        
Lesson 14: The Law of Consecration        
Lesson 15: “Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”       
Lesson 16:Thou Shalt … Offer Up Thy Sacraments upon My Holy Day”   
Lesson 17: The Law of Tithing and the Law of the Fast       
Lesson 18: “Establish … a House of God”   
Lesson 19: The Plan of Salvation       
Lesson 20: The Kingdoms of Glory
Lesson 21: “Looking Forth for the Great Day of the Lord to Come”        
Lesson 22: The Word of Wisdom: “A Principle with Promise”    
Lesson 23: “Seek Learning, Even by Study and Also by Faith”  
Lesson 24: “Be Not Deceived, but Continue in Steadfastness”      
Lesson 25: Priesthood: “The Power of Godliness”      
Lesson 26: “Go Ye into All the World, and Preach My Gospel”    
Lesson 27: “They Must Needs Be Chastened and Tried, Even as Abraham”  
Lesson 28: “O God, Where Art Thou?”       
Lesson 29: Building the Kingdom of God in Nauvoo, Illinois    
Lesson 30: “The Prisoners Shall Go Free”        
Lesson 31: “Sealed … for Time and for All Eternity”       
Lesson 32: “To Seal the Testimony”       
Lesson 33: President Brigham Young Leads the Saints  
Lesson 34: Faith in Every Footstep     
Lesson 35: “A Mission of Saving”       
Lesson 36: “The Desert Shall Rejoice, and Blossom as the Rose”       
Lesson 37: “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet”  
Lesson 38: “In Mine Own Way”       
Lesson 39: “The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn to Their Fathers”      
Lesson 40: Finding Joy in Temple and Family History Work      
Lesson 41:Every Member a Missionary
Lesson 42: Continuing Revelation to Latter-day Prophets        
Lesson 43: “Take upon You My Whole Armor”       
Lesson 44: Being Good Citizens        
Lesson 45: “The Family Is Ordained of God”        
Lesson 46: “Zion—The Pure in Heart”   


Comments (21)
  • Rea  - Book of Mormon lessons

    I am wondering if there is a way to find the Book of Mormon Sunday School lessons from last year? I am specifically looking for the lessons by Ted Gibbons.

    Thanks so much!!! This site is such a valuable resource!!!

    Rea Bartlett

  • Emily  - Going ahead?

    I was wondering if there was a way for others to post ideas for upcoming lessons earlier than what is linked to your site? My ward in 3 lessons ahead of what is available right now, and I miss out on all the great ideas others are using and have used to teach those lessons simply because we are ahead of schedule. IT would be great if others could post ideas for other lessons to help those that are ahead of schedule. Thanks!

  • Briawna

    Ditto this. We're 2 lessons ahead and I love your resources, but I'm missing out on great stuff because I prep my lessons a week or two ahead.

  • Carol Dunkley  - access to lesson

    I have e
    made use of ideas for teaching gospel doctrine lessons in townsville, Queensland,Australia. But at the moment my site seems to be blocked at lesson 17. Can't acces any further. Is it me or is it the site???

    Do keep up the good work.

  • Renee  - Needing access

    For over several days I have been unable to access any Gospel Doctrine lesson past 17. Please help. I have come to rely on this site.

  • Tiki  - Love your site!!

    When do the new gospel doctrine helps usually get posted? Lesson 18 says its coming there a day it usually posts, or is it just whenever people post stuff?

    You site is amazing and I love it!! Kinda lost without it this week!!

  • Ruby  - Lesson 20

    My ward is on lesson 20 this week I am wondering if there is anyway that you can post the lesson helps for it?? Thanks I love your site and could really use the help!

  • coleen hawkins

    Help.....where is lesson 20 plus the ones after. When will they be posted? I love your lesson helps :)

  • coleen hawkins  - lesson #20

    Help...oh where or where has my lesson helps gone :(

  • Ashley  - Teaching no greater call

    Is there any resources on this site for a "teaching no greater call" sunday school class? I can't find hardly anything online, on or otherwise. I started a blog for my lessons to help others that might be struggling with planning these lessons as well - if there is anything on this site or any one else has any ideas, feel free to email me or comment here or comment on my blog!

  • tiki  - HELP!!!

    There hasn't been any updated lesson helps for a long time! I have gotten so spoiled by these! PLEASE PLEASE get some more!!!! LOVE THIS SITE!!!! It's a lifesaver!!

  • Greg Holden  - Sunday School Lessons online

    Please visit this blog.[/b]]here

    I enjoy the different perspectives on the lessons already included here. Thank you.

    My blog covers the LDS Gospel Doctrine lessons from a principles perspective. Please take a look and feel free to comment on anything you learned in your local Sunday School class or personal study.

    I am a British LDS member now living in Canada with my wife and 5 children.

  • Barbara  - Thank You!

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Pam  - Love your helps

    Absolutely LOVE your helps. I really enjoy researching your resources. I do wish, however, that you were up to date with your resources on the Sunday lessons. I usually start preparing my lesson a couple weeks ahead and your ideas and resources are a little behind. Any way to get then up online earlier?


  • Greg  - Love your helps

    I write one of the Sunday School lessons (Light and Truth or Urim and Thummin) Unfortunately, I get the links to Sugardoodle usually just after I have taught them as it is primarily a resource for my ward members who want to study a little more after the lesson.
    Having said that I do understand how you feel and am working at a way to juggle my work and family life to get ahead of the curve and send my link a little earlier to the Sugardoodle admins.
    I will work on my end to bring these lessons online a little earlier for you.

  • Lynn

    Do you know when helps for lesson 42 will be available?

  • mauga

    Is there any link that I can use to study and get resources for lesson 43 please

  • Julie  - Why no updates

    I am so sad that these lessons are not being updated any longer...I am teaching lesson 43 this week and I always come here for ideas and for some reason lesson 41 is that last you have. Will there be any chance that more lessons will be done? Thanks.

  • Mariam  - Just Thanks!

    I'm so grateful for you work on this website. Just know that you are greatly appreciated!

  • Judy Brewsterg  - Old Testament lessons

    When will the helps for the 2014 Gospel Doctrine lessons be available. I find them very helpful.

  • SugarDoodle  - 2014 Lessons

    Judy - All of the lessons helps for next year have already been posted. There is a link in the drop down menu (under Sunday School). There is also a link on the main page under Sunday School but it won't be there as long as the link at the top. Hope that helps! ~ Melanie

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