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 How can I participate effectively in councils in the Church?

 How do women and priesthood holders work together to build the kingdom of God?

 Why is it important to follow the counsel given by priesthood leaders?

 How can using scripture study skills help me learn more about the priesthood?

 How can I use stories to teach others about the priesthood?

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  • Tiffany R.  - Thought I'd shar a worksheet I put together for my

    How can I participate effectively in Councils in the church?

    Read: How are these scriptures related t

    participating in councils in the church?

    Matthew 18:20:___________________________
    Moroni 6:4–5:____________________________
    D&C 38:27______________________________
    D&C 88:122:_____________________________
    As a class we will council about improving the following things in our ward: upcoming camps, family history & youth temple nights. Then we will discuss how this made you feel working together as a council and why you think we do this as a church. Please write any ideas you may have below...
    Upcoming Camps: __________________________________________________ ____________

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!! :)

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