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Heather writes, "First I need to say don’t be intimidated by this knife whittling achievement.  I actually whittled my bar of soap before the den meeting so I would have a better feel for how to do it.  It shows you in the Cub Scout book some techniques for whittling.  For this den meeting we asked each boy to bring a pocket knife, and a bar of soap to whittle.  Make sure to bring a few extra knifes and soap in case someone forgets one.   Also bring a wet stone, water bottle, scissors and trash bags. 

We first went over all the knife safety information with the Cub Scouts.  Here is our document [pdf] [Word].  Print one for each boy and discuss it. Once we had gone over all the safety for knives and whittling we spread the boys out along a table and had them each sharpen their knives on the wet stone.  Then we gave each boy a “bear” carving to cut out and use as a template on their soap.  My scout partner, Kim Oliver created a bear carving template [pdf] like the one in the cub scout book.  Print one for each boy so they can have their own template to use when carving their soap.  We had the boys whittle their bars of soap directly into a trash bag to minimize the clean up.   

We found the soft bars of soap like Irish Spring were the easiest for the boys to whittle.  By completing all the safety discussions and whittle the bar of soap the boys will earn the Whittling Chip card”.

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