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Heather writes, "For achievement #8 F, the Bear Cub Scouts need to keep a journal for 2 weeks.  I purchased a notebook (you could use the “memo” pads or a wired notebook) when these items were on “back to school” sales for each boy in my den.  For Utah that is in July/August.  

Next I saved up some small containers (Crystal Light, peanut butter, mason jars, etc.) to keep the journal questions in.  I mod podged (glued) some scrapbook paper on the containers before our den meeting.  Also, I mod podged this saying on the front of each journal jar.  “ My Journal Jar”  “Here’s a jar that tells a story! Each day select a journal question. Paste it into your journal and write an answer. Soon you will have your story!”

I also brought some stickers to the den meeting so the boys could “personalize” their journal jar and their journals.  

Previously I copied off the journal jar questions for each boy at church and then brought them with me to our den meeting.  They sat and cut up all the journal questions, folded them in half and then put them in the journal jar.  When we were all done I asked them to choose a question and tape it into the notebook then answer the question to get their journal started.  Here are the journal jar questions: [pdf]

Hopefully your Bear Cub Scouts will continue to use their journals at home.  Having the pre-printed questions makes it easier for them to write in their journals and to enjoy them.  This activity could also be used for Activity Days or any other time you need to start a journal for your children.  Have fun journaling."

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