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CLICK HERE to visit   CLICK HERE for Easter Jeopardy (A power point presentation)

   CLICK HERE for Easter Jeopardy (A power point presentation)

David Writes:  Sorry this was not posted in time to use in Primary, on Easter Sunday.  My wife and I decided to combine her Valient 10 class with my Valient 11 class and play Easter Jeopardy 2 hours before class started and there wasn't enough time to get it posted.  This is a Jeopardy that is based on Easter and Passover. Enjoy - dh

Comments (2)
  • Desiree  - Another great job!

    Thanks for this great effort David. Found an error on slide 7 but to be honest, after correcting is I've forgotten what it was :D Also the whole first row has no sound. Thanks again for all you do to help us serve.

    Desiree in New Zealand

  • Jana

    This is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to create this and sharing! I'm going to use it in YW!

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