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Lynda writes, "While teaching the youth the new curriculum in Sunday School, I have come to realize they needed reminders to help them focus on the subject matter we had discussed during our Sunday meeting, especially since the first portion of our lessons center around their experience during the week in implementing gospel principles.  

I decided to use the postal system to communicate with the youth.  I am printing it on scrapbooking paper so the letter itself is design-generic.  Here is my letter which covers the lesson topic for April - include a piece of gum in the letter.  All of the material used in the letter was taken from the April 2013 New Era or directly from"

** The letter states, "Each week you will be given a small poster copied from the New Era to help you remember what we are leaning in Sunday School."  You can get a copy of those cards here.


Comments (4)
  • Chris Unwin  - Great Idea

    Thanks for the idea! As Sunday School teachers of 14 year olds, my husband and I are always looking for fun ideas. Well, I am! Thanks for sharing your creativity so freely. Ü

  • Rachel  - Lesson in the mail

    Thanks for sharing that idea, Lynda. I our ward the bishop has asked all youth teachers to email their class members and their parents a link to the lesson along with a lesson summary each week. I know that has been helpful for me as a parent to be able to have more informed conversations with my kids about what they talked about at church. I especially like it when my son teaches the lesson and I get to hear what he did. It is hard to get him to talk about it, so the email gives me a chance to praise him and ask for details.

    I like your idea of using the mail to get their attention. Even though we email the kids, I get the idea that most of them don't read email. However, i bet most of them would read an actual letter since that is such a novelty these days.

    Here are a couple good links I found on teaching about the apostasy. They don't apply to my SS lesson topics, but they might work for YM/YW. understanding-the-restoration/

  • bse  - Wonderful

    Loved this idea! Thank you. I was trying to think of something different for my class this month to change up the way of teaching. This is perfect. Thank you for your hard work!!

  • Nicole White  - Thanks so much

    As newly called SS teachers and still feeling fairly new in a large ward this monthly letter will be great way to connect with the 10 or so students we have in our 13 year old class. :cheer:

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