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Misti writes, "This is a little something that I put together based on one of the lesson helps on LDS.Org (taken from the May 2008 Friend).  It’s a really simple poem about planting a garden and watching it grow - complete with actions.  My little Sunbeams love to play games so I turned this into a very easy game for them.  It is formatted for 4x6 Note Cards except for the last page which comes directly from the Friend. Print out the 4x6 cards (sorry they do not appear in order), laminate them, cut apart the word strips and use velcro dots on the back of the word strips to attach them to the space below each picture.  Using the actions in the original poem, let the children guess which picture you are imitating and attach the word strip to that picture.  Once all the pictures are matched up and in order, have them act out the poem along with you and the pictures.  Enjoy!"

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