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Sandra writes, "We talked mostly about how the priesthood was restored but then explained why it is so important to have the priesthood on the earth.  It’s always a challenge giving a priesthood lesson to the young women and explain how important the priesthood is without addressing the question as to why women don’t hold the priesthood.

I have stolen ideas from several people to help myself explain this and it has worked well. First I have one young women stand under an umbrella and hold it.  Then I ask a couple of others to stand under it.  Then I ask them if the one holding the umbrella is any drier than the others.  (No).  The priesthood is much like this.  All those who stand under the umbrella of the priesthood benefit equally.  We are fortunate to have many priesthood holders whose “umbrella” we can stand under.

This handout goes along well with this object lesson.  It is an umbrella depicting all of the priesthood holders we can benefit from in our lives."

Comments (4)
  • Laura Smith

    Super cute idea!

  • Coralie

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  • Darci  - Help!

    Do you have this in an editable file? I'd like to use this for Primary this coming Sunday but the message is a little different. I would like to change the words to list ways the priesthood blesses and strengthens our families. Love this!

  • teisha

    Thank you!!! My beehives are going to love this. I printed mine out in black and white so they could color it too:)

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