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Kari writes, "I am going to invite the missionaries in to read from the Spanish Book of Mormon in Spanish.  Then I am going to have them translate the reading into English.  Next talk about how Joseph Smith did the same thing with the gold plates.  I'm going to tell the children I am going to do a demonstration to show why this was so important.  I am going to show them a cookie recipe that has some of the ingredients changed and missing.  Tell them that this recipe started out correct but over time and with use things were changed, added and left out all together.  Then I am going to let them taste the cookie that doesn't have all the right ingredients. [Almond Butter Cookie Recipe] [Cookie visual with missing ingredients] [Cookie visual with all ingredients]
Next I am going to show them and talk about the "full" recipe with all the right ingredients.  Then I am going to let them taste the cookie that was made correctly.
What is the difference and why is it important that we have all the right ingredients?

Relate that demonstration to the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  That is why the Book of Mormon is so important.  It contains the full gospel of Jesus Christ.  The teachings in the Bible started out correct but over time some plain and precious truths were lost.
Talk about some of the things that were restored through the Book of Mormon.  Baptism by immersion, premortal existence, agency, Atonement, revelation, faith without works is dead, etc.
Then, I have put together an alphabet translation key to hand out.  Several print on a page, just cut them into strips for each child or to share.   I will have written upon the board beforehand the characters of the sentence with lines above each character for the english alphabet letter to go on. Then let them translate the sentence: JOSEPH SMITH TRANSLATED THE BOOK OF MORMON AND RESTORED GOSPEL TRUTHS. [Translation Key]
I also have a restoration word search to hand out to take home or if we have time to work on [word search] [answer key].  For the younger children in Primary I was going to hand out a coloring page about the restoration:

- Restoration coloring page with angel [pdf]
- Joseph Smith gets the gold plates [] [pdf]
- My faith grows when I learn about the restoration of the gospel. []


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